Allegiance Needed for the Mark to Work 

Chapter 11 of Corrupting the Image 3: Allegiance Needed for the Mark to Work 

Could you be forced to take the mark against your will? What if they strap you down and inject you, but you do not want it? What happens then? God seems to have built in a safety switch.  

The Bible makes clear that three things are necessary for a person to be doomed and lost forever. It is not just taking the mark, but also worshiping the Beast and his image.  

“Then a third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, ‘If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand …’” (Rev 14:9). 

That is, they must 1) worship the Beast, 2) worship the image, and 3) take the mark. If they do these three things, then there is a transformation, and there is no more hope. To be clear, when we talk about taking the mark of the Beast, we are in reality talking about those three steps. If people are injected with the upgraded DNA against their will, then they have not taken the mark of the Beast. All three steps are necessary for it to work. 

Worship is the Greek word “proskuneo.” According to the BDAG Lexicon,  

Freq. used to designate the custom of prostrating oneself before persons and kissing their feet or the hem of their garment, the ground, etc.; the Persians did this in the presence of their deified king, and the Greeks before a divinity or something holy, to express in attitude or gesture one’s complete dependence on or submission to a high authority figure, (fall down and) worship, do obeisance, to prostrate oneself before, do reverence to, welcome respectfully160 

Worship was not just bowing down; it was having an attitude of complete dependence and submission to a high authority figure. In other words, it does not have to be bowing down to an idol, necessarily; it is an act of renouncing self and committing to act in that other entity’s interests. It puts the worshiper in a position of subject and the other of master. 

The image of the Beast is going to require worship—that everybody must look on it with an attitude of complete acceptance and dependence on the image of the Beast. By this act, they will be recognized as belonging to a superhuman realm. It appears that in worshipping the image, you are also worshipping the Beast, a transcendent being. It seems that the image decrees that those who will not express gratitude and dependence on the image are to be killed.  

We will talk more about worshipping his image in the next chapter. 

Lastly, a person must receive his mark, thereby agreeing to a genetic transformation. If a person undergoes those three things, then a genomic mutation will occur, and the person’s fate is sealed. He has ceased to be an image-bearer of his Creator; he now bears the corrupted image of Satan. How could this mechanism of converging the three prerequisites possibly work?  

Placebo and Nocebo 

A way to understand the mechanism is to consider the use and application of a placebo in modern medicine. A placebo is generally a sugar pill or some other substance without active ingredients. The key to the placebo effect, however, is that people think it is an actual medicine. They take it and often experience the intended effects of the real medicine.  

A placebo: “works about 18-80% of the time, and it’s not just in your head—it actually dilates bronchi, heals ulcers, makes warts disappear, drops your blood pressure, and makes bald men who think they’re getting Rogaine grow hair!”161  

Because people think it is the real thing, their body begins to manifest those expected changes. Conversely, there is an evil twin to the placebo called the “nocebo.” This is where a person reads about the possible side effects of a medication and experiences the negative side effects, even though the pill they are taking is just sugar. Dr Lissa Rankin explains: 

“Nocebo complaints are not random; they tend to arise in response to the side effect warnings on the actual drug or treatment. The mere suggestion that a patient may experience negative symptoms in response to a medication (or a sugar pill) may be a self-fulfilling prophecy. For example, if you tell a patient treated with a placebo, he might experience nausea, he’s likely to feel nauseous. If you suggest that he might get a headache, he may. Patients given nothing but saline who thought it was chemotherapy actually threw up and lost their hair.162 

The person experiencing such effects has not ingested a harmful chemical, just sugar or saline. However, they believed that they were taking an active drug. It was their belief that caused them to experience the described benefits or side effects of the placebo.  

Likewise, in the Garden of Eden, Satan did not flat-out say that God lied. He approached, sowing doubt in God’s words, thus gaining easy access to Eve’s brain. She was now open to the idea that they would be like God, a positive thought that opened up all doors for Satan to go on with the deceit. Satan’s end-time approach to humanity will be equally persuasive. He will use subtle persuasion, promises and the Beast’s own manifested supernatural capabilities as an example, which will entice people and reinforce their desires. Therefore, the people must choose to worship the Beast. A person cannot be forced to take the mark. If forced, then the receptive capacities of his cells will be shut off and there will be no effect. To initiate the activation of the inserted foreign material, he must be drawn to desire it. Microbiologist Dr. Bruce Lipton says,  

“Your perception of any given thing, at any given moment, can influence the brain chemistry, which, in turn, affects the environment where your cells reside and controls their fate.”  

On the outside of a cell are protein receptors that are constantly scanning for good or bad signals. If the signals they encounter are good (that is, there are no danger signals coming from the brain), then the cell opens and allows nutrients to enter which is when repair, growth and reproduction can happen within the cell. But if the signal says times are bad (e.g. there is a lion chasing us), then the cell closes its doors, and it does not allow any kind of nutrients to come in. The belief may not be real, (e.g., there is not a lion chasing you), but you believe there is a lion chasing you. Because your brain says, “things are bad,” your cells close up.  

Table 5. Progression from mental perception to physical expression. 

Putting it all together, the person that believes in the Beast says, “Yes, I want this thing; I believe in what you’re doing.” When that person says, “Yes, I want that genetic transformation. Give it to me,” then his cells open up to welcome and receive the new genetic code, leading to transformation. Then, it goes through its whole process of expressing genes and proteins, etc.  

If you are coerced or physically restrained, your mere declaration that you don’t want it will nullify its effect, and your cells will close off and not let in the new code.  

As a summary let’s see the three steps that are necessary for a person to seal his doom: 

  1. Worship the Beast (that is, admiring, following, promoting, committing and desiring). 
  1. Worship his image.  
  • The worship or belief literally unlocks the person’s cells, thereby allowing the foreign DNA strand to gain access to the nucleus and the ability to rewrite the DNA.  
  1. Physically take / receive Beast seed (DNA)—results in a visible mark. 
  • The foreign DNA is the replicated DNA from the Beast, which is from Satan. If we liken this to a snakebite—Satan’s seed (DNA) is the venom and the bite marks left over are the mark of the Beast. Either way, the visible mark is evidence of receiving the seed (666 atomic mass units / AMU). 

The prophecy of the mark of the Beast includes many facets such as transhumanism, genetic engineering, and artificial intelligence. Based on the evidence here and in Corrupting the Image volumes 1 and 2, I believe the following scenario is going to come about in one of these possible ways:  

  • Satan will reveal his DNA / his seed (code) to the man of his choosing who yearns with great passion for ultimate power. 
  • This chosen man literally transforms into the hybrid being, the chimera that the Bible calls the Beast. 
  • He then has Satan’s power, authority, and throne transferred to himself while people will proclaim him invincible: “who is like the Beast?” 
  • He makes his promise of becoming a man-god a reality by receiving his hybridized DNA and gaining superhuman strength, intelligence and or immortality, etc. 
  • He then replicates his hybridized DNA with an atomic weight of 666 atomic mass units and makes it available to humankind. 
  • Suddenly, becoming a real-life Super Man—a superhuman is not a comic book fantasy anymore. It will become an option for the entire world to embrace through the offer of the Beast’s DNA made available universally. Under the ruse of becoming “gods,” many will accept the hybridized DNA of the Beast and will worship the Beast and his image. 

What is the Mark on the Hand and Forehead? 

So how might the Beast make it possible for the world to become a god like him?  

“He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads (Rev 13:16), and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name” (Rev 13:17). 

Figure 15. Barcode as the Mark of the Beast. 

“Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.” (Rev 13:18). 

Without a doubt, a lot of ink has been spilled trying to figure out the mark of the Beast. A popular theory in the 90s was the barcode. The three parallel red line pairs (far right, far left, and center) supposedly corresponded to the number six, hence every barcode had 666 built into it. It was all the rage when this theory first came out. People were looking closely at the three longer parallel lines that supposedly meant 666 or the mark of the Beast.  

Figure 16. RFID chip. 

When the RFID chip came out, it was deemed to be the mark, because it is the size of a grain of rice, which can be inserted into your hand, and then computer systems would recognize you; doors would open, computers would log you in, etc. There was a lot of fear about the RFID chip technology; however, if it can be inserted, it can also be removed. Thus, it is not the mark of the Beast.  

Could these and other technologies be steppingstones? Possibly. But neither barcodes nor RFID chips in and of themselves are the problem. When the Beast comes, he is not going to stamp a barcode on your forehead or on your right hand. The mark of the Beast is something far more sinister.  

There is also a long-standing teaching from the Seventh Day Adventists that those people that worship on Sunday are engaging in the mark of the Beast. The obvious flaw with such a teaching is that there have always been people who do not worship the God of the Bible on any day, and they never received a mark, nor did they worship the Beast and his image.  

Figure 17. Illustration suggesting 666 is the name of Allah. 

Another popular candidate for the mark is the name Allah written out in Arabic. In the graphic above, the man has a cloth around his head that bears the inscription Allah on it. Looking closely, we see what would correspond to the Greek numbers. Presumably, these are corresponding to the 666 as is written out in Greek letters (see Figure 19 below). This style of calligraphy depicts one way the name Allah is written in Arabic. When we view the standard font, we see that the correlation, which originally seemed to exist, quickly goes away. Arabic fonts and scripts vary; and can be styled differently. It is not correct to assume that this writing will always contain 666 because the graphic does not show the predominant way that the name Allah is written in Arabic (see Figure 18 below). 

Figure 18. The name of Allah. 

Secondly, we see that the Greek “Xi” which is the number 60, is vertical in Greek, while it is horizontal in Arabic. This does not work either because the sigma, the 6, is not the same. Furthermore, this is not the number of a man, but the number of a god (Allah)—if that theory were correct. Scripture is clear that the 666 is going to be the number of a man, not the number of a god. 

Figure 19. 666 written in Greek (Byzantine text types).163 

While it is possible that some Muslims may interpret the mark as being the sign of the Mahdi (a last-days Islamic political, military, and religious leader), worshipping an image is strictly forbidden in Islam. It is simply inconceivable that roughly 1 billion Muslims would begin to worship an image and a man. For those reasons, I do not believe that the writing of the name of Allah in Arabic is 666. 

Figure 20. The supposed value of Nero’s name. 

There is another theory based on Gematria—that is, a system where every letter represents a number in both Greek and in Hebrew. Some people have looked to Nero Caesar, declaring that he must be the Antichrist and claiming his name equals 666 in Hebrew. But the letter Nun (נ) is not part of his name. It is not Nerōn; it is Nero. To make the theory work, the extra letter had to be added into his name for the letters to add up to 666.  

Table 6. Table showing the numerical value of featured Greek letters. 

Greek also has the same feature where the letters equal a number because (the numbers we have today did not come about until later). Now in Greek literature, there were people that would use this idea of Gematria. For example, “Filo is arithmos fme” (Φιλω ης αριθμος ϕμε), means “I love her whose number is 545.” The man who wrote that was thinking “545” all day because it reminded him of “fme.” Cute. Then we have, “Amerimnus thought upon his lady Harmonia for good. The number of her honorable name is 45.” However, it is unlikely gematria is involved in deciphering the 666 number of his name since it is the number of humanity. 


Figure 22. Snake bite leaving a mark. 

Scripture speaks specifically about receiving a mark: “He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark [“karagma” (χάραγ-μα)] on their right hand or on their foreheads” (Rev 13:16). The Greek word for “mark” is “karagma” (χάραγ-μα) which according to Liddell-Scott-Jones Lexicon of Classical Greek, is “any mark engraved, imprinted, or branded, that could be a serpent’s mark.“164  

A snakebite or a bee sting is a karagma. It could also be “writing of an imperial missive; a stamped document; a brand on a camel, for example, carved work; or the impress on the coin.” It has a broad idea of anything that is stamped in or imprinted. It includes stamped money, a stamp-mark character, or a mark of endorsement. 

The visible mark on the forehead or right hand may be likened to people who have a little scar after receiving the polio vaccine, for example. Though the scar was the side effect of getting the vaccine, not the goal, many people still have the karagma of the polio vaccine. 

Figure 23. A mark left from the polio vaccine. 

The “mark” of the Beast may not be the absolute goal; it might be the byproduct of having this DNA transformation. Perhaps after a person has taken the DNA upgrade, then a karagma could appear on your right hand or on your forehead, and it is an evidentiary byproduct of undergoing this transformation. Once the mark shows up, it will be visible to everyone that anyone bearing the mark has undergone the genetic transformation procedure. 

Do we have a biblical correlation to this? We do. We see a prototype of this in that Israelites would carry the mark of their God on their forehead and on their hand. In Deuteronomy Moses instructs:  

”.. lay up these words of mine in your heart and in your soul, and bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes …” (Deut 11:18). 

What is a frontlet? The Hebrew word is ṭôṭāphôt (טטף), frontlets, bands, marks; it denotes a mark, or a sign placed on the forehead between the eyes as a memorial, which TWOT explains:  

The placing of frontlets upon the forehead is always associated with making signs upon your hand. A common means of identifying slaves in the ancient near east was to mark their hands and/or their foreheads.  

We see this again in Ezekiel where the Lord spoke to an angel instructing to:  

“Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and put a mark on the foreheads of the men who sigh and cry over all the abominations that are done within it” (Ezek 9:4 and Rev 9:4). 

The mark of the Beast, which will be given to lovers of unrighteousness, is the inverse-image of God’s mark on the forehead of the righteous. God will seal his people again at the end of the age:  

“Do not harm the earth, the sea, or the trees till we have sealed [σφραγίζω sphragidzo] the servants of our God on their foreheads” (Rev 7:3).  

The word is sphragidzo (σφραγίζω), which means “to mark with a seal as a means of identification, mark, seal (…of all kinds of animals), so that the mark denoting ownership and also carries with it the protection of the owner.”165 These sealed individuals are completely sold out for God and have his commandments in their hearts and minds. We see these people again in Revelation 14 “having His Father’s name written on their foreheads.” They areredeemed from among men, being firstfruits to God and to the Lamb” (Rev 14:1, 4). In 1 Corinthians, Paul speaks about the resurrection and says, “Christ the firstfruits, afterward those who are Christ’s at His coming” (1 Cor 15:23). Jesus was called the first fruit of the resurrection and the first one who has resurrected into the kind of glorified body, which afterwards, His faithful will also receive. 

The exclusive group mentioned in Revelation 14 appears to be the first set-apart righteous to experience this new state-of-being in their new body. “God’s seal upon them” means they are protected and cannot be hurt or killed in the same manner as the angel sealed the righteous of Jerusalem. God’s mark consequently contrasts with the mark of the Beast, whose recipients love unrighteousness and have obtained a different kind of immortal body. The mark of the Beast, then, is a byproduct of those who decide they want to upgrade to become a god and worship the image so that they can fight against God. It shows they are not only under the protection of the Beast, but indeed, are owned by the Beast, both body and mind.