Commonwealth of Israel Theology Summary, Elevator Pitch, Logline

Commonwealth of Israel Theology Summary

God elected Israel (Deut 7:6) and entered into a marriage contract with her at Mt Sinai (Exo 24:7-8, Jer 31:32), commonly referred to as the Old Covenant. Sadly, instead of being faithful, Israel repeatedly went after other gods (Jer 3) which lead to the split of the united kingdom into the southern kingdom of Judah (house of Judah under Rehoboam) and the northern kingdom of Israel (House of Israel/Ephraim under Jeroboam) (1Kings 11:31-32). Finally, after seven hundred years of adultery since Sinai, God gave the northern kingdom a certificate of divorce and sent her away (Jer 3:8, Hos 2:2), calling her No-Mercy (Lo-Ruchama) and Not-My-People (Lo-Ammi)  (Hos 1:8-9) and she (ten tribes) assimilated into the pagan gentiles (nations) (Hos 7:8, 8:8, 9:17, 2Kings 17:23-24). Judah likewise deserved divorce but God would not because of his promise to David (Hos 1:7, 1Kings 11:32).

God then promised to betroth the house of Israel to himself in righteousness (Hos 2:19) and to restore the two kingdoms into one (two sticks per Ezk 37:16-23). That promise created a divine dilemma because God’s instructions (law) did not permit a woman to come back to her first husband after she had been married to others (Deut 24:1-4) (that was the curse of the law) (Gal 3:13).

This divine dilemma was resolved by Jesus’ (the husband’s) death which canceled the Old (Marriage) Covenant and canceled the curse of the law (due to her adultery) (Rom 7:1-4). Now those who were not his people (Rom 9:24-26) and who had not obtained mercy (1Pet 2:10) could come into the commonwealth of Israel as full members and citizens (Eph 2:11-19) which was also in fulfillment of Ephraim becoming the multitude of nations (Gen 48:19, Rom 11:25).

Commonwealth of Israel Theology Elevator pitch

Commonwealth of Israel Theology teaches that God married Israel at Sinai (Old Covenant).  Israel was unfaithful, divided into two kingdoms, and then God divorced the northern kingdom (though Judah deserved it too). He then promised to betroth Israel again but the curse of the law (due to adultery) prevented that. Only through the death of the husband, Jesus, could the curse be removed and could Israel (scattered and assimilated into the nations) come back to God. The good news is they/we can be full members of the Commonwealth of Israel and God will restore the two houses into one.

Commonwealth of Israel Theology Tag line

COI Theology teaches the good news that we former gentiles can be full citizens of the Commonwealth of Israel and that Israel and Judah will be restored into one nation.

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Is the New Covenant for Jews, gentiles or both? Why does Paul say we are part of the Commonwealth of Israel? Does the church replace, stand separate from, or join Israel?

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