Panel Discussion Decoding the End Times!

The Decoding the End Times Bible prophecy conference will include exciting talks by Bill Salus, Douglas Krieger, Rob Skiba, Brian Godawa, Gonz Shimura, Doug Hamp, and Canary Cry Radio. Topics will include the image of the beast, Nephilim, a graphic look at the second coming and Armageddon, the genetics of the mark of the beast, signs of the last days, and more! In this panel discussion the speakers share what they are going to be speaking about at the conference!
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Decoding the End Times Conference! (Promo Video)


February 21-22, 2014
Westminster CA

“While scientist are busy working on extending the human lifespan and creating human-animal chimeras, the world is on the brink of financial collapse and WWIII. 2000 years ago Jesus of Nazareth predicted a time of unprecedented catastrophes and cataclysms called the Great Tribulation. The Prophecy Forum and Calvary Chapel Pacific Coast present Decoding the End Times Bible prophecy conference Feb 21-22. Speakers include world renown Bible prophecy scholars who will share things you don’t hear about in church! You must register for this event at, There is hope beyond the tribulation!”

La marzulli, Douglas Hamp, Bill Salus, Gonz Shimura, Rob Skiba, Doug Krieger, Canary Cry Radio, Brian Godawa