John Morris’ Endorsement of The First Six Days

The theories of uniformitarianism and evolution proposed in the early 1800s, with their need of vast ages of time, challenged the commonly accepted literal, six-day creation of Genesis.  Many pastors and theologians, overwhelmed by the apparently indisputable evidence, therefore sought ways to reconcile the two whereby the needed time could fit into the biblical creation.


Over the last several decades the creationist movement has made great strides forward toward the goal of demonstrating that the pro-evolution evidence is full of many holes.  In fact, thanks to the diligence of many researchers, the scientific evidence in favor of a biblical creation is gaining constantly.  However, the accepted belief of evolution is not easily shaken.  Consequently many yet hold to a compromised position asserting that the Bible teaches that God created via evolution and that the days of creation are long day-ages.


Get all facts in the book.

Get all facts in the book.

Douglas Hamp’s work The First Six Days is a much-needed contribution to settle the question of days or ages.  As a Hebrew language specialist trained at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, he demonstrates convincingly from the pages of Scripture that the days of the Genesis creation account are literal days.  He also carefully clarifies some misrepresentations of what day means in Hebrew.  This is followed up by a stimulating review of the literal, six-day position held by ancient Jewish and Christian interpreters as well as archaeological corroboration of the biblical record.


I recommend this work without reservation, and pray it has a long and fruitful ministry. It makes a real contribution to a pastor’s library, and adds power to any Bible teacher’s or student’s message.  The evangelical church badly needs it.

– Dr. John Morris, President Institute of Creation Research

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