“The Fate of Japan and the Whole World Depends on No. 4 Reactor”

Most people have forgotten about the horrific events that occurred in Fukushima, Japan last March when a 9.1 earthquake caused a massive tsunami which in turn caused massive damage to the Fukushima nuclear power plant.  Could this be part of the end-times scenario? I believe so. If reactor 4 should give way and begin burning, it could disrupt quite possibly the entire country of Japan and surrounding countries as well as markets around the world.


More than a year after a devastating earthquake and tsunami triggered a massive nuclear disaster, experts are warning that Japan isn’t out of the woods yet and the worst nuclear storm the world has ever seen could be just one earthquake away from reality.

The troubled Reactor 4 at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant is at the centre of this potential catastrophe.

Reactor 4 — and to a lesser extent Reactor 3 — still hold large quantities of cooling waters surrounding spent nuclear fuel, all bound by a fragile concrete pool located 30 metres above the ground, and exposed to the elements.

A magnitude 7 or 7.5 earthquake would likely fracture that pool, and disaster would ensue, says Arnie Gundersen, a nuclear engineer with Fairewinds Energy Education who has visited the site.

The 1,535 spent fuel rods would become exposed to the air and would likely catch fire, with the most-recently added fuel rods igniting first.

The incredible heat generated from that blaze, Gundersen said, could then ignite the older fuel in the cooling pool, causing a massive oxygen-eating radiological fire that could not be extinguished with water.

“So the fear is the newest fuel could begin to burn and then we’d have a conflagration of the whole pool because it would become hotter and hotter. The health consequences of that are beyond where science has ever gone before,” Gundersen told CTVNews.ca in an interview from his home in Vermont.

“It is no exaggeration to say that the fate of Japan and the whole world depends on No. 4 reactor,” Murata said in a recent letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, in which he urged him to back efforts to address the problem.

Read more: http://www.ctv.ca/CTVNews/World/20120518/fukushima-dai-ichi-risk-reactor-4-120519/#ixzz1vocOUBf7

There are grave dangers to life every day. Let’s be busy about the Lord’s work sharing with others the hope we have in Messiah Yeshua who is salvation. Let’s not compromise with the world but live for the King!


Prophecy Update with Doug Hamp and L.A. Marzulli May 2012

Doug Hamp and L.A. Marzulli discuss how the radiation danger from Fukushima reactor 4 still threatens us – billions of people are at risk. They also discuss the collapse of the economy. We need to pray. Click below to listen.

Fukushima reactor No. 4 vulnerable to catastrophic collapse; could unleash 85 times Cesium-137 radiation of Chernobyl; human civilization on the brink

(NaturalNews) The news you are about to read puts everything else in the category of “insignificant” by comparison. Concerned about the 2012 U.S. presidential election? Worried about GMOs? Fluoride? Vaccines? Secret prisons?None of that even mattersif we don’t solve the problem of Fukushima reactor No. 4, which is on the verge of a catastrophic failure that could unleash enough radiation toend human civilizationon our planet. (See the numbers below.)

The resulting releasing of radiation would turn North America into a “dead zone” for humans… mutated (and failed) crops, Fukushima Reactor 4radioactive groundwater, skyrocketing infant mortality, an explosion in cancer and infertility… this is what could be unleashed at any moment from an earthquake in Japan. Such an event could result in the release of85 times the Cesium-137 released by the Chernobyl catastrophe, say experts (see below). And the Chernobyl catastrophe made its surrounding regionsuninhabitable by humans for centuries.

Learn more:http://www.naturalnews.com/035789_Fukushima_Cesium-137_Plume-Gate.html#ixzz1v50B7tem



Prophetic Signposts 2011 Audio

Douglas Hamp presents an array of prophetic signposts at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa Maranatha 6 prophecy conference September 2011. (Click below to listen)
And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation [even] to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book. (Dan 12:1 [AKJV/PCE])

End Times Overview (Perplexity of the Nations)



Click here to download: Perplexity of the Nations PDF 2010

“For nation will rise up against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; there will be earthquakes in various places; there will also be famines. These things are merely the beginning of birth pangs.(Mark 13:8 NASB)

Phases of Labor

Key Events Ramping Up
to the Tribulation
(not complete list)

Rapid advancement toward the creation of a world currency (anticipating the mark of the beast)

Attempts to Divide Jerusalem (Zech 12:3, Daniel 9:27)

Greater frequency and intensity of natural disasters (like birth pangs Mark 13:8 )

World Currency
(and demise of US $)

Rep. Kanjorski Admitted The World Economy Was 20 Hours From Collapse On CSPAN     (Feb 16, 2009)

China Paper Urges New Currency Order After “Financial Tsunami”
Reuters Sep 17, 2008 www.reuters.com/article/ousiv/idUSPEK4365020080917

The Chinese yuan is preparing to overtake the US dollar UK Telegraph 14 May 2009http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/financetopics/financialcrisis/5325805/Chinas-yuan-set-to-usurp-US-dollar-as-worlds-reserve-currency.html

China Buys $50 Billion SDRs of IMF    Wall St Journal Sept 3, 2009 http://online.wsj.com/article/SB125194047261781873.html

UN wants new global currency to replace dollar

“The dollar should be replaced with a global currency, the United Nations…”     UK Telegraph Sept 7, 2009

“Scrap dollar as sole reserve currency: U.N. report” (Reuters) – June 29, 2010

Medvedev sees single currency dream in G8 coin gift

Attempts to
Divide Jerusalem
(and destroy Israel)

A Warning to Not
Divide Jerusalem

“And it shall happen in that day that I will make Jerusalem a very heavy stone for all peoples; all who would heave it away will surely be cut in pieces, though all nations of the earth are gathered against it. (Zechariah 12:3)

March 19 – Quartet Against Jerusalem

Quartet (US, UN, EU and Russia) meets in Moscow and calls on Israel to stop construction in East Jerusalem, freeze settlement construction and begin proximity talks with the Palestinians.

Bill Koenig http://www.watch.org/showart.php3?idx=129114&rtn=/index.html&showsubj=1&mcat=1

April 19-20 – Israel’s
Independence Day

Martin Indyk: “Netanyahu must choose: Obama or his right-wing Likud Party.” April 19-20, 2010

May 31 Turkey Flotilla

Greater frequency and intensity of
Natural Disasters

…Merely the Beginning
of Birth Pangs

“And there will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth distress of nations in perplexity because of the roaring of the sea and the waves, people fainting with fear and with foreboding of what is coming on the world. For the powers of the heavens will be shaken. (Luke 21:25-26)

“The number of events have gone up very, very dramatically,”

Trends in natural disasters. (2005). In UNEP/GRID-Arendal Maps and Graphics Library. Retrieved 03:35, September 16, 2010 fromhttp://maps.grida.no/go/graphic/trends-in-natural-disasters.

Global Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters of
January – Rio de Janeiro Mudslide
& Haiti’s 7.0 earthquake

February 27 – Chile’s 8.8 earthquake

March 20 – Iceland’s volcano erupted for first time in 200 years.

April 4, Qinghai, China 6.9 magnitude quake

April 20 – Gulf of Mexico oil spill

April 22-24, Southeastern U.S.

Tornadoes cut through the Southern United States over a few days, causing massive destruction in parts of Mississippi and Alabama. 10+ deaths. AP

May 10, U.S. southern Plains

Several tornadoes tore through the southern Plains, killing five people and injuring dozens. Storms moved through parts of Oklahoma and Kansas, dumping hail as big as softballs, leveling houses, flipping cars, and downing hundreds of power lines. AP

May 2010, Central Europe

Half a dozen countries – The Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Serbia – have been devasted by the worst flooding in decades. AP

May 28, Cotalo, Ecuador

Ecuadorean villagers fled their homes after the Andean nation’s “Throat of Fire” volcano erupted, AP

May 31 Guatemala Sinkhole

Sink hole 60 feet wide

200 feet deep

June 12, Langley, Ark

At least 18 people were killed …after the Little Missouri River engorged more than 20 feet in a matter of hours AP

June 14, Oklahoma City

thunderstorms dumped as much as 10 inches of rain […] killing at least one. AP

June 22, northern Brazil

– Torrential floods ripped through cities in northeastern Brazil, killing at least 50 people. AP

July 28 – August, Pakistan

By August the continued flooding had affected 20 million people and about one-fifth of Pakistan’s territory, AP

July 31-August  Russian Fires

Mozambique Food Riots

Protests over rising food prices that have left thirteen people dead enter the second day in capital Maputo

Sept. 4, New Zealand – powerful 7.1- tremor magnitude

estimated $2.9 billion in damage. David Alexander, Associated Press

Sept 8th Indonesian volcano erupts again; strongest yet

San Bruno, Calif., Sept 9, 2010

Are We Seeing Fulfillments of the
“Times and Seasons”??

Massive Solar Flare (CME) 2012-2014(?)

NASA Finds A Giant Breach in Earth’s Magnetic Field (2012-2014)

4 Total Lunar Eclipses 2014-2015 (per Mark Biltz)

Impending collapse of $ (before 2015?)

All Seeing Eye on back of $ to arrive 2012-2016 (Per Tom Horn)

Fig Tree (Matt 24:32-34) 1948 + 70/80 yrs = 2018/2028??

Our Hope

“Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near.” (Luke 21:28)

Click here to download: Perplexity of the Nations PDF