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Road to the Final Rebellion


A future-historical novel of Lucifer’s Final Assault against the New Jerusalem


By Douglas Hamp

Short Summary: “When Lucifer regains freedom after one-thousand years of imprisonment, a young man and woman must find the hidden key to the New Jerusalem before fire falls from heaven.”

Mid Summary: When the thousand years are over, Lucifer will be freed from his prison. He will go out to deceive the nations and gather them for war (Rev 20:7-9)

Long Summary: When Lucifer regains freedom after one-thousand years of imprisonment and begins promising to free everyone from the oppressive King Yeshua, Ben and Kristiana do not know how to weigh his claims. Aided by an immortal friend and a trans-dimensional device that contains the ancient court archives, they search through a virtual world in search of the Key that will grant them safe passage into the Kingdom’s most wondrous City and ultimately, their own immortality. Along the way, they learn the secret origins of the rebellion which plunged the earth into darkness and slavery for thousands of years and how Yeshua surrendered everything in order to regain what was lost. To discover the truth they must race to find the Key before the protective shield is removed and their fate is sealed forever.



“The Millennium Chronicles is a page turner based solidly on the Word of God!”

–          John Sutherland, Sr. Pastor Calvary Chapel Elko, NV

“Science fiction meets Bible fact! In The Millennium Chronicles, Doug Hamp takes future events revealed in the Bible and makes them come to life. This epic journey is a must read for both Christians, and fans of Science fiction!”

–           Gonz Shimura, Producer of Age of Deceit, Canary Cry Radio

“This is the most fascinating read that I have ever experienced. It is absolutely brilliant how God inspired Doug to write such a remarkable story through use of so much Scripture. Wow, I learned so, so much! This is a work that all believers must read! The three DVDs are helpful in understanding even more of the book.”

–          Phil Richardson, Founder Telios Education

You can expect “The Millennium Chronicles” and each book by Douglas Hamp to be a life changing event for you and those you introduce to his books.  His scholarship and aptitude for languages and his dedication to serve God have made Doug Hamp a key Christian author.   You will enjoy this book! Join our prayers for this book to become a movie.  The world needs to know the truth about events that will soon begin to take place on Earth and in Heaven.

–          Don Secrist, Founder of Bible Easy Learn