The Final Rebellion (Part one of two) Satan’s Assault Against the New Jerusalem

The mortals born during the millennium will have the opportunity to be transformed by taking of the water of the river of life and then taking the leaves of the tree of life. Once they do so, they can enter into the New Jerusalem. Outside, however, remain all who love and practice a lie. When Satan is released after the thousand years, he will convince the mortals to rebel against Jesus and will stage a coup against the New Jerusalem. The fire will ultimately fall down on him and all of the rebels because the efficacy of the millennial sacrifices expires one year after Satan is released. Shortly after his debacle, the abundant life will continue forever and ever.

Further clues:
•The bodies and role of immortals
•How will high tech be low tech?
•How will the Millennial sacrifices act like a protective shield for the mortals?
•Will mortals have a one hundred year grace period?
•How will the river of life and the tree of life transform mortals?
•How long will Satan have to deceive the nations?
•Why will fire come from God?

This video is part 3a of the three part series on the Millennium