The Great Liberator Speaks! (Excerpt from The Millennium Chronicles)

“My noble citizens, because you value freedom, I implore you to listen carefully to the words of the Great Liberator.” With that, Prince Yaván stepped to the back of the platform. His words were already sinking in and taking effect, like venom.
Lucifer came to the front of the platform and looked out at the people, gauging their response. “They are ready to be harvested,” he communicated Millennium Chronicles Thumbnailtelepathically to Prince Yaván. “You have prepared them well.”
Lucifer stood silent, letting the anticipation of his words build. The crowd stood mesmerized by his stunning glory and apparent strength. It seemed obvious that their Liberator had come.
“Tell us how to be free!” someone from the crowd finally shouted out. The villagers roared with enthusiasm. Ben was awestruck by the shining ones and the excitement of the crowd.
“Shortly after the creation of your race,” Lucifer began methodically, “I realized that Adonai had proposed,” he paused briefly, “an…unbalanced constitution. He required that the older should serve the younger, the stronger should serve the weaker, that you must love your enemy, the first had to be last and the last first, and he who would be the greatest had to be the servant of all.”
“I have fought since the beginning to restore balance to the cosmos. Adonai created me first, as the greatest, wisest, and most glorious of all of his creatures. I have been fighting for your freedom ever since.”
“That which Adonai advocates is upside down. However, since I was able to grasp the concept, I have no fear that you, lovers of wisdom, like your forefathers before you, will be able to grasp it, as well.” Lucifer smirked inwardly at his cunning tongue.

– From the Millennium Chronicles

The Final Rebellion: Menorah Radio Interview 3/3 (Audio)

Part 3 of 3 interview with author/lecturer Douglas Hamp as we conclude the discussion on the Millennial Kingdom and his latest project “Twilight of Eternity.”

The Final Rebellion ThumbnailTwilight of Eternity Trilogy Thumbnail

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A Graphic New Look at the Second Coming and Armageddon:

•What are the conditions of the Earth before Jesus comes?
•How do the heavens pass away?
•What happens to the earth at Jesus’ fiery return?
•Where is the Battle of Armageddon?
•How will Jesus fight when he comes back?


If the earth is destroyed and the heavens pass away at the second coming of Jesus, then what will there be during the Millennium? What is the beloved city that Satan will attack after the thousand years? Why is the New Jerusalem called the bride of Christ?  These and questions are answered in this teaching Power Point presentation!


The Final Rebelliion:

Douglas examines the Scriptural  clues of Satan’s final rebellion when the 1000 years have expired and he and the nations come up against the beloved city.  Further clues considered to unlock this strange passage:
•The bodies  and role of immortals
•How will high tech be low tech?
•How will the Millennial sacrifices act like a protective shield for the mortals?
•Will mortals have a one hundred year grace period?
•How will the river of life and the tree of life transform mortals?
•How long will Satan have to deceive the nations?
•Why will fire come from  God?
Messianic Age: The Millennium and Beyond ($30 value – free)
Much of our eschatology rightly deals with the events that lead up to the Second Coming of Jesus. However, little attention is given to looking at the events that happen thereafter. This class explores from a very Bible-centric perspective the Messianic Age / Millennium. We begin by understanding how taking God’s Word literally reveals many exciting details of our glorious future. We also look at: the centrality of Israel, our future bodies, aspects of daily life, the size of the City, the decorations of the city, God’s dwelling with mankind, the role of the river of life and trees of life, what the Rabbis and Church Fathers thought about the Millennium, when the creation of the New Heavens and New Earth occurs. This 2 credit class was taught at Calvary Chapel bible College.

Interview part one

Interview part two