“You Are Beaten, Yeshua” (Excerpt from the Millennium Chronicles)

“Today is the day we wipe the Hebrews off the map once and for all!”[i] Therion said confidently with the armies of the entire planet standing behind him ready to attack Jerusalem.[ii] There were millions and millions that stood with him that could also fight against Yeshua’s returning army if need be. Additionally, Therion commanded the two hundred million horsemen that came out of the Abyss.[iii]

The solar flare which had scorched part of the earth[iv] some time ago had made most of the conventional, high-tech weapons of the day inoperable, therefore they had converted every conceivable instrument into some kind of weapon; plowshares had been beaten into swords, ​​​​​​and pruning hooks into spears and horses now served as their transportation![v]

With all the might of the world and the kingdom of Lucifer gathered with him at his disposal, Therion was eager to desecrate and destroy what he believed was the last remnant of the Hebrews so that he and his forces could set their eye upon Jerusalem.[vi] Lucifer was incensed against the Hebrews because their existence was a direct threat to his kingdom.[vii] Once it was no more, Adonai would never be able to establish his kingdom on the earth.

“You are beaten, Yeshua!” Therion boasted, gazing beyond the veil toward the upper City of Jerusalem, raising his hands and then flicking them back as if daring Adonai to respond.[viii] “Our struggle, our ‘holy war’ with you ends here and ends today! Our siege against your beloved lower City of Jerusalem has prevailed and it has fallen into our hands. Our soldiers, who took my mark containing my father’s image,[ix] have ravished the women of this city! We have taken half of the residents of this city hostage and are leading them into exile where they shall take my mark or lose their heads.[x] Your people, your elect, your heritage is now mine! You have failed to protect them. You failed to keep your word![xi] Can’t you hear the nations mocking you, saying ‘where is their King?’”[xii] he said again, shaking his hands toward Adonai. “Look, all of the nations of the earth are assembled against your chosen City and we have defiled her! This City shall become a trash heap and the bodies of your elect shall be its refuse![xiii]

“You have accomplished nothing by pouring out your life-force to save these people. My father was right to revolt against your foolish idea of the mighty serving the weak. You surrendered yourself for the world[xiv] and now the whole world is following me! They realize that my father is worthy of reverence because he is strong and now they revere me! Can you not hear them saying, ‘who is like Therion’ and ‘who is able to make war with him?’[xv] You should have accepted my father’s offer of all the kingdoms of the world when you had the chance.[xvi] Look, he has given me his power, his throne, and great authority. I have all authority over every tribe, tongue, and nation and all who dwell on the earth worship me.[xvii] Even your beloved elect, the Hebrews, are in my hand and I am overcoming them completely and shattering their power.[xviii] I am doing as I please and there is none who can withstand me or make war against me.[xix] I have destroyed the weak and the mighty alike[xx] and soon even your people, the Hebrews, shall be no more!

“I defy you, O Ancient One! Your authority is broken and you are a liar! Now the world shall know the truth about you and all who are with you. You are weak and cowardly. Your sacrifice has amounted to nothing and is completely undone.[xxi] The name of Adonai is a rubble heap and any who would run to it will be destroyed![xxii] Yeshua does not keep his promises; your word is a sham, bogus, phony!” Therion raged. “All who trust in you are put to shame.[xxiii]

“You have allowed your people to be hemmed in on every side. They are now trapped like birds in a cage with my forces ready to decimate them. We shall do what the ancient king of Egypt was not able to do!” He turned to Oracle, “This is our moment of great victory. Send in the hybrids to tear them limb from limb and let their blood splatter on every side.”

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The Certain Coming of Yeshua (Excerpt from The Millennium Chronicles)

“He is right,” one of the Knesset members agreed. “His coming is certain. He will make the weak among us like David and the mighty among us will be like the Angel of Adonai.[i] This is now the time when we will see Yeshua as a man of war who will destroy our enemies. We have not believed our King in the past. Today we will trust. We must, for there is no other way if we desire to live. The King has struck our enemies in the past and he fought against the Nephilim of old whose height was like the cedars and whose strength was like the oaks.[ii] He will fight for us today just like he fought for us in Egypt. He will make a way where there seems to be no way. Not one of us will die if we go now. We must hurry to the valley so that we may see the victory.”

“Then it is agreed, we will all meet in the valley and there await Yeshua who will rescue us,” Caleb said, opening the door expectant of what Yeshua would do but still slightly apprehensive as he thought of the horrors that awaited them in the darkness.

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Praise for the Millennium Chronicles (and coupon!)

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Praise for the Millennium Chronicles

“Hope for the future!” Lisa Madsen 

I love this story – the author vividly portrays the events at the end of the 1000 year reign of the Lord Jesus. I like that it’s all based on Scripture and it’s a compelling story – makes me long to be there in the holy city of New Jerusalem – I can hardly wait!!! I appreciate all the research and insights into the Millennium and the love the author has for the Word of God. Well done!

“It’s History too!” Al S. 

Biblical prophecy begins to make more sense when biblical history is clearly understood. Doug masterfully weaves together narratives from the past with revelation of the future. I often found myself marveling over insights I picked up in every chapter while reading the book. At times, what Doug described was far more reasonable than the traditional explanations I’ve grown up with! For example, I’ve often wondered how – if Lucifer was so smart as God’s highest created being – how could he entertain the notion that he could over-power the God of the universe?! Well, Doug answered that dilemma so smoothly and simply in “The Millennium Chronicles” that I shook my head at how obvious the answer is!If you’re willing to challenge some of your assumptions about both the future and the past, then read this book!

“Brought Scripture to life!” By Paula David –

This book does a great job presenting the struggle the characters face in making the most important decision of their lives. It fills in the story with great detail, based on Scripture, yet allows the reader the flexibility to play it out in their own minds. Much like the “Left Behind” series allowed me to “see” what the tribulation period might be like, this book does the same for the Millennial Reign. For me, that is HUGE in making Scripture a reality, I am able to play it over and over again AND refer to the Bible to understand where and how he was able to present the story as he did. I look forward to any future sequels. “JRR Tolkien + CS Lewis x Correct Bible Eschatology = The Millennium Chronicles,” By Gonz Shimura –

If JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis got together and worked out accurate Bible eschatology and produced a fantasy fiction, this would be it! Douglas Hamp has achieved what many authors only dream of…accurate research presented in fascinating storytelling.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GL4f0LvhiFc The Millennium Chronicles Thumbnail Book Description: Lucifer and his minions have regained their freedom after Yeshua’s thousand-year reign and are enticing the Adamites to rebel. Earth dwellers Ben and Kristiana are forced to decide—will they remain loyal to Yeshua and His kingdom or will they believe Lucifer and side with him? Too young to remember the horrific battles of the former age, their quest for information becomes a virtual journey through the Chronicles of the Court,  where they learn the truth about the apex of Lucifer’s former reign, known as the “time of trouble.”  In a race against time before their protective shield is removed and their fate is sealed by default, they urgently seek in the Chronicles the Key they need to enter the New Jerusalem and gain immortality. Want to read more of the book? Click here for the prelude and here for chapter one.

The Millennium Chronicles: Chapter 12 The Two Prophets

“It is time,” Adonai said to Yeshua, the only one worthy to open the scroll that was in his hand.[1] Ben saw Adonai, high and lifted up on his throne, look towards Moses and Elijah, the two anointed ones, the embodiment of the Chronicles. To Moses, Adonai had revealed his instructions. He had entrusted Elijah with interpreting those instructions and communicating them afresh to his people, the Hebrews.

“The opening of the seals,” Isaiah, the ancient seer, said to Adam who was standing next to him, “means it is just a matter of time before the earth will begin to reveal, to uncover the blood that has been shed upon it and no longer conceal its slain.”[2]

“I know,” Adam replied. “The earth will soon begin to shake and groan as a woman in birth pangs because of the things committed upon it; the time for birth has come and nothing can stop it now, since I and my sons have been restored and Yeshua has begun opening the scroll.”

“I am sending you to the lower city,” Adonai said to Moses and Elijah who had approached his enormous throne awaiting their assignment. “I grant you great authority to close the heavens in order to keep rain from falling and to turn bodies of water into blood and to strike the earth with any plague, as often as you desire for forty-two months, and even to call down fire from the sky.”[3]

They turned and immediately a door opened in the veil. They both extended their feet and stepped through into the still, early morning hours of the lower city. They were in a back alley next to a market and, immediately, the many smells of life on the Adamite side of the veil reminded them of their former lives. Familiar smells considered a part of normal life were now contrasted with the pure fragrance of Adonai’s presence and they at once recalled that they were smelling the odor of degeneration in a world where everything was falling apart and dying. They walked over to the place where many met early to discuss Adonai’s directives.

“The time of the Hebrews’ trouble will soon be upon you, O Hebrews!” Moses bellowed to the people who had gathered at the Wall as was their daily custom. “Because you have made a covenant with death, with the Abyss you are in agreement.” By now many people were listening to them, curious as to who they were and where they came from. “You are trusting that when the overflowing scourge passes through, it will not come to you.”[4]

“Sound the ram’s horn, People of Jerusalem,” Elijah said loudly, standing in front of the wall, “for the Day of Adonai approaches![5] Oh, how near it is! A day of doom and gloom, a day of clouds and shadows! Never has there been anything like it, neither will anything follow to compare with it.” The crowd was listening intently trying to figure out the message of these strange individuals. “Before they come,” he continued, “the land is like the garden in Eden; after they leave, there is only a barren wasteland. Indeed, nothing escapes them. As to their form, they’re like horses and how they can run! They leap like the rumbling of chariots echoing from mountain tops, like the roar of wild fire that devours the chaff, as an army firmly established in battle array,”[6] he said while motioning with his hands, jumping and leaping.

Elijah suddenly paused, looking at each of the hundred plus people in their eyes. He then locked eyes with one of the young men there named Caleb and continued speaking, “Your faces will grow pale in their presence! The land will shake at their nearness, and the sun and moon will grow dark, and the stars will stop shining.[7] Truly that day will be wretched, abominable, and more terrifying than anything you have ever known. Who will be able to survive it?”

Fear gripped Caleb as never before.

The others looked skeptically at this man acting like one of the prophets of old until finally one of the elderly gentlemen, with a long white beard and black hat answered, “But we have signed the Treaty of Many[8] with Therion. We are guaranteed peace for seven years with our neighbors.”

“Yet you have made lies your refuge, and under falsehood you have hidden yourselves. Here is Adonai’s response,” Moses continued. “‘Behold, I lay in Jerusalem a stone for a foundation, a tried stone, a precious cornerstone, a sure foundation; whoever believes will not act hastily. Also, I will make justice the measuring line, and righteousness the plummet; the hail will sweep away the refuge of lies, and the waters will overflow the hiding place. Your covenant with death will be annulled, and your agreement with the Abyss will not stand. When the overflowing scourge passes through, you will be trampled down by it.’”[9]

“What are you suggesting, stranger? You have come with a frightful message but what is your solution?” another man shouted out, obviously upset by the message.

“Many years ago,” Moses responded, “I saw that the time would come when the Tabernacle would cease to exist and the Shekhinah would dwell no more in our midst, and I was anxious how our rebellion would be handled. Adonai vouchsafed the information that he would choose a righteous man from our midst, and make him a tabernacle for us and through him our rebellion would be pardoned.[10] There is only one who can rescue you from the crisis about to befall you.”

Everyone was listening intently to hear who would be able to do such a thing.

“Yeshua, son of Adonai, is the only one mighty enough to rescue you,” Moses replied. At the mention of Yeshua’s name, some began turning around to leave, shaking their heads. Others could only think of the things Lucifer had caused to be committed against them in Yeshua’s name.

“We believe Therion is the Promised One, for he has brought world peace and he has even promised to rebuild our temple,” the first elderly man said with satisfaction. His countenance suddenly changed as he angrily shouted out and started to leave in disgust, “Yeshua did neither of those!”

“Men of Jerusalem,” Moses said in a voice louder than any son of Adam could normally make, as the crowd started to dissipate, refusing to hear the message of the two chosen ones. “Yeshua left from here on the Mountain of Olives and went back to his place to remain until you admit your offense and seek his face.[11] You will not see him though, until you say ‘Baruch haba beshem Adonai. How blessed is the one who comes in the name of Adonai!’”[12] Caleb lingered for a few more seconds, contemplating the dire message, before leaving to catch up with the others.

“When affliction comes to them,” Moses said looking over at Elijah, “then they will eagerly seek him.”[13]


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The Millennium Chronicles, a Book Three Years in the Making Now Available!!

The seed for The Millennium Chronicles began three years ago as I was doing the research for Corrupting the Image. I am happy to announce that it is now available on Amazon! Please write a review of the book today if possible (if you have already read the book).

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What people are saying about the Millennium Chronicles

“Thank you so much for the Millennium Chronicles! All I can say is that it is AMAZING!! WOW! How brilliant! I have to say – I’m not one to read books, especially “fiction.” I research in books, but probably only actually read a book maybe one every five years at best! I cannot stop reading the Millennium Chronicles, you so masterfully weave the facts of the Millennium into a riveting story, everyone MUST read this! I haven’t been able to stop reading 🙂 I’ve been thrilled reading it, I’ve also been in tears the whole time; I am very rarely moved to tears, in fact, this is the first time I ever remember being brought to tears by any book. I am drawn into the book so powerfully, it really is a masterpiece and DEFINITELY makes an impact. I can’t stop thinking about it!” – Jeanne, Dallas, TX

“Great Christmas gift – something for everyone!!! The Millennium Chronicles will captivate your thoughts and transcend you into a place of discovery and wonderment. For the Bible scholar, you will want to delve into the footnotes and extrapolate passages for deep Biblical truths that may challenge your core theology. For the Believer, allow the Holy Spirit to rejuvenate your soul and remind you of what the Blessed Hope is all about. Want to ignite a fire in your teenager for God’s Word, this is the book that will bridge the gap as it takes Biblical truth and events, bringing them to life through a captivating fictional work. For those wanting to introduce the Gospel through a non-threatening venue, this would be a great gateway book.” – Sandy J.

“Such an exciting and powerful book. Perhaps the best I’ve ever read definitely got my attention.” – Nathan L.


REVIEW by Josh Peck:


Doug Hamp has done the impossible with his book “The Millennium Chronicles”. He was woven an exciting tale of future-history together from Biblical principles; and the most exciting part of all, it’s completely based on the Bible!

Follow our hero Ben and his companion Kristiana as they take on a perilous journey of personal discovery and worldwide revelation. Set in the time of the millennial reign of Christ, Ben and Kristiana have known a life quite different from our present age. All that is about to change and their world is about to be turned upside-down, however, when Lucifer and his minions are set free from their chains of darkness and escape the bottomless pit to deceive the nations once more. Ben and Kristiana must discover the truth, trek along the King’s Highway, and find the Key to enter the City of Adonai before it is too late.

In reading this book, it is obvious Doug spent a vast amount of time in meticulous study of the Bible to put this story together. “The Millennium Chronicles” will give you a look into the often-debated world of Biblical end-times prophecy, focusing on areas that are not commonly taught within the Church today. Doug goes to great lengths to show how he came to his conclusions, interpretation, and translations in this story of the coming reign of Jesus Christ. The Bible truly comes alive in a way never before thought possible within this controversial topic.

 In this book, you will discover the Biblical reason for Lucifer’s fall and how sin truly entered the world. With an ongoing theme of the stronger serving the weaker, you will learn more about Jesus and His sacrifice, as well as gain a deeper understand of God Himself. Ultimately, this entire process will result in a closer walk with God, a very real sense of excitement for what our future as Christians will be as promised by the Bible, and a more accurate and intimate knowledge of Biblical end-time prophecy. If you only read one book this year, make sure it is “The Millennium Chronicles” by Doug Hamp. You will not be disappointed or left wanting! – Josh Peck, founder of Ministudy Ministry and author of Disclosure: Unveiling Our Role in the Secret War of the Ancients

 Additional resources and interviews

Click here to listen to Menorah Radio interviews with Doug Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Addendum

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Book Description:

Lucifer and his minions have regained their freedom after Yeshua’s thousand-year reign and are enticing the Adamites to rebel. Earth dwellers Ben and Kristiana are forced to decide—will they remain loyal to Yeshua and His kingdom or will they believe Lucifer and side with him? Too young to remember the horrific battles of the former age, their quest for information becomes a virtual journey through the Chronicles of the Court,  where they learn the truth about the apex of Lucifer’s former reign, known as the “time of trouble.”  In a race against time before their protective shield is removed and their fate is sealed by default, they urgently seek in the Chronicles the Key they need to enter the New Jerusalem and gain immortality.

Want to read more of the book? Click here for the prelude and here for chapter one.



The Millennium Chronicles Chapter 1: The Escape!

Chapter 1: The Escape

Millennium Chronicles Thumbnail

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On the surface of the earth, two illustrious beings were coming out of the massive, golden, gemstone-covered temple. Their bodies looked like dazzling gems; their faces emitted flashes like lightning, like the rays of the sun.[i] Their arms and feet shone like polished bronze.[ii] Their clothing was shining[iii] whiter than any snow[iv] and they wore belts of pure gold around their waists.

They walked past six guardhouses, each artistically engraved with palm trees, until they passed through one of the eastward, ten-foot-tall gates in the mile-long wall that encircled the temple.[v]

“It is with great satisfaction I tell you that the time of the Covering is over,” Adam said to Michael, his companion as they crossed over a bridge. Michael thought back to the first time when Adonai offered the life-force of an animal as a covering for Adam and Eve, which they needed when they were mortals. Adam glanced over at Michael as they shared the memory of that ancient day of shame and mortality.

They continued walking next to the crystal clear water of the River of Life that proceeded from the very throne of Adonai and of Yeshua at the apex of the mountain.[vi] The water collected in a pool before the throne and looked like a sea of glass as clear as crystal.[vii] Half of it flowed to the Western Sea and the other half flowed to the Eastern Sea, branching off into multiple streams on the way down the mountain, making glad the City of Adonai.[viii] One branch flowed under the Temple and came out of the eastern-facing threshold where it continued toward[ix] the eastern territories and its water flowed toward the Eastern Sea (formerly the Salt Sea). The Living Water had transformed the Sea so that it could support all kinds of living creatures that thrived abundantly. Wherever the river flowed, everything lived!

A pair of fiery horses[x] adorned with bells inscribed with ‘Holiness to Adonai’ galloped by on the ornate gold-covered streets in front of the massive temple structure.

Michael suddenly stopped. “He’s coming,” he said solemnly to Adam, looking to the south, to the gate of the Abyss.


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Under the surface of the earth, deep in the lowest recesses of the Abyss, on a remote slope of that ancient pit void of light,[xi] the unbreakable, everlasting chains[xii] that had fully immobilized Lucifer for the past thousand years began to shake. He knew that the time of his emancipation was at hand.

How he loathed his prison of darkness in the belly of Tartarus, the lowest rung of the Abyss. A foul and putrid stench of sulfur and rotting flesh, like the smell of death, permeated the stale, lifeless cavern of despair while wailing voices and gnashing teeth were faintly heard[xiii] far above them. It was here in this place, thousands of years earlier, in the days of the Great Deluge, that some of Lucifer’s Watchers had been imprisoned until he had acquired the Key and released them,[xiv] before being ingloriously cast into it himself.

Lucifer was still seething with rage over his last debacle. He had been on the verge of victory when Adonai’s mighty Angel swooped down with that unbreakable chain and single-handedly bound and thrust him into the pit, sealing him in and locking the gate with the Key.[xv] This same Key was once his when he had robbed Adam and Eve of the earth and left them in abject slavery binding their entire lives by the fear of death.[xvi] Both this Key of death and the Key of the Abyss[xvii] had been in his possession until Lord Yeshua intervened on behalf of the mortals and repossessed the Keys and the Scroll of Destiny.[xviii]

The unyielding and relentless chains that had shackled his neck, hands, and feet, shook violently and suddenly clicked open. Immediately Lucifer ripped them off, throwing them to his side. Finally free, he stood up from his bed of maggots, shook off the blanket of worms that had smothered him,[xix] and watched as the chains of his entire Watchers army also fell away. At that moment they roared mightily like a horde of lions seizing their helpless prey, shaking the Abyss. The reverberation traveled out of their dungeon and up the jagged sides of the shaft where it crashed against the mighty door, fracturing the great seal which the powerful Angel had placed over it one thousand years[xx] earlier, allowing the din of their voices to escape to the world above, announcing their return.

All eyes were on Lucifer, eagerly awaiting instructions from their leader.

“The Adamites have had one thousand years of Lord Yeshua their King ruling with his rod of iron,”[xxi] Lucifer said sarcastically, “while we have been unjustly locked away in the Abyss. Now we shall go and test the hearts of the Adamites to see if they truly desire him as their King.” He paused, then spoke slowly and deliberately, “Or to see if perhaps they missed me. I know their hearts, for they are utterly deceitful and incurably wicked![xxii] They have served him for these past thousand years because they had no choice! We shall go and liberate them from their oppression!””[xxiii] He said, triumphantly holding up the chains that had fallen off him. “I guarantee you; there will be billions of defectors who will march with us to sack Adonai’s City of Light[xxiv] because the Adamites are weak and feeble-minded!”

“My unjust incarceration these past one thousand years has only given me time to calculate every possible combination of scenarios and their potential outcomes. As you know, our battle with Adonai has never been one of strength, for he is stronger and we cannot defeat him that way. Ours has always been a battle of legality, which is his greatest weakness; we shall exploit it to the fullest. Our strategy is simple and our victory is certain because Adonai is obligated to keep his word; he cannot lie.[xxv] He has magnified his word above his name[xxvi] and therefore any contradiction of his word will create an irreparable rift in the cosmos which will force him to abdicate his throne.”

“Each of you must go out to your former regions,” he said to Prince Parás, lord over the land of Persia. Then turning to Prince Yaván, lord over Greece, “You must oh-so-subtly share our plan of attack,” he said with a malicious smile. “Then I will climb up to the peak of Jerusalem, the City of Adonai, and set up my throne.”[xxvii] The legions of the underworld cackled spitefully in the darkness, eager to realize the final fall of the Adamites and even Adonai himself.

“Take courage, my brothers,” Lucifer said, looking around at the countless faces of Watchers who were once luminous Angels resembling Adonai’s image but were now disfigured like him. “Our sacrifice to restore justice in the cosmos is nearly complete. Soon all of the Adamites will learn their true place – at our feet!” he said, reviving the ancient hatred in the hearts of the fallen. “Now, great ones, destined to rule the cosmos with me, let us rise, never to fall again and, henceforth, never to taste defeat! We shall feast on the life-force of the Adamites!”[xxviii] Lucifer bellowed. Immediately, he and countless hordes shot upward as if from cannons to the world above them. In just moments, they reached the massive gate which had shut them in and smashed through it, sending it flying thousands of feet into the air and landing miles away. Hundreds of millions of the rebel Watchers launched through the smoke billowing from the dungeon of deepest darkness and out into the agonizing light of Adonai, exposing their sunken cheeks, and shriveled arms and legs on their colorless grey, disfigured and grotesque bodies.

They hovered for a moment as they transformed themselves into Angels of light, disguising themselves as Angels in Adonai’s service, just as they had done in the previous age, though their light had a bluer hue to it than did their counterparts’.[xxix] Their hideous true-selves could not endure Adonai’s blazing brilliance. They then flew out like balls of lightning in every direction, returning to their former regions.

A strange shadow of darkness began to fall upon the pristine planet for the first time in one thousand years.[xxx] “I feel the same wickedness, greed, and depravity[xxxi] emanating from Lucifer like those of seven millennia ago,” Adam said, surprised by the sensation caused by the release of his ancient nemesis. Adam looked at the lush orchards brimming with vibrant flowers of every color that flanked the street. He inhaled deeply the rich scent of apples, passion fruit, peaches, oranges, and fruit of every kind that permeated the untainted air. The light of the rays of the setting sun poked through the wings of a thousand beautiful blue butterflies clinging to the side of one of the tall, majestic trees, home to animals of every sort. Hummingbirds drank of the nectar from the boundless fruit trees. A warm glow emitted from every leaf, and every blade of grass, every wing, and every creature. A lion gently played with a deer near a tree, and animals were everywhere.[xxxii]

Adam observed one of two wolves that were lying down together with a lamb nestled between them. It warily raised its head, tilting it sideways, and thrust its ears back for the first time in a thousand years. “It is the same bloodthirsty, invincible, and willful arrogance of Lucifer as when he strolled up to the Tree so long ago, covered with his precious gems of brilliant colors that refracted his light in every direction.”

“We met his gaze yet suspected nothing,” Adam continued, remembering his first encounter with Lucifer. “Eve and I simply admired his beauty, for none but Adonai himself compared in splendor. His presence was not surprising, for Adonai had stationed him in Eden to keep Adonai’s special places.”[xxxiii]

Michael nodded, remembering the treachery of Lucifer, once a member of the divine council of the Angels[xxxiv] on the Mountain-City of Adonai and Guardian cherub to Adonai himself![xxxv] “There has been no noble thing that the mortal Adamites could not have during the past thousand years,” he said, looking down at the sparkling crystal clear water and the many fishermen who had plenty of room to spread out nets along the banks of the River.

“And yet,” continued Michael, finishing his thought, “many have ungratefully lingered; waiting, imagining, anticipating his ascension,” he said, turning his head back to the place where Lucifer and the Watchers had re-entered earth’s atmosphere. “Now Lucifer has returned, and he and his minions will slowly begin sowing seeds of discord, just as before, so that they may eventually dare to show their faces to the Adamites and encourage them to rise against their Maker.”

Adam walked down to the bank of the river and cupped some of the water and let it pass through his fingers, remembering how Lucifer’s subtle scheme had excited his pride and desire to be wise[xxxvi] and so, being lured and trapped by it, sank his teeth into the deadly fruit,[xxxvii] savoring its flavor while Lucifer looked on, masking his devilish delight.[xxxviii]

“Not only have earth’s inhabitants been abundantly satisfied with the fullness of God’s house, but he has even invited them to drink from the river of his pleasures! Indeed with him is the fountain of life and it is in his light that we see light.[xxxix] How sad to think that,” Adam reflected, “just as the ancient Hebrews previously forsook Adonai, the fountain of living waters, and carved themselves broken cisterns that could hold no water,[xl] so too now some will prefer Lucifer, who is nothing but a broken cistern full of stagnant water.”

Adam stood and turned, looking to where Lucifer had come from the Abyss. “Adonai has placed before them life and death; they must choose their destiny.”

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The Millennium Chronicles Pre-Launch: Prelude (part 1)


The stars sparkled more clearly than ever before and the sun shone seven times brighter. Even the moon’s reflection was equal to the sun in the former age of darkness.[i] Still, their light paled in comparison to the light beaming from the City of Adonai.[ii]

The City rested on top of the world, beautifully situated on the northern pole of the earth[iii] ever since the time of the Hebrews’ Trouble when the planet had tottered like a drunk. The City rose up more than thirty times higher than MountThe Millennium Chronicles Thumbnail Everest, the highest mountain in the previous age. Far below on the surface of the earth, the City was laid out as a square surrounded by walls of precious stones.[iv] Mile-wide platforms surrounded one level of the City with another above it. As it rose, the sides tapered up like a mountain or a step-pyramid encased with transparent gold, like diamond from the top to the bottom. Behind the transparent gold, on each platform, gemstone-covered spires and towers climbed upward, majestically adorning the City. On the uppermost platform in the midst of the Twenty-four Elders exactly at the center of the pyramid-shaped City, the light of Adonai, brighter than the sun, refracted off the precious stones in millions of different shades of colors like rainbows all around.

The River of Life flowed in multiple streams down the side of the mountain, bringing joy to the inhabitants of the City and beyond. Lush rivers were flowing in previously barren heights and fountains were gurgling in the midst of valleys; pools of water abounded. The contiguous ocean of the former age was gone and the earth was now covered with vast patches of green dotted with massive lakes. On every lofty mountain and every high hill there were brooks and canals running with water.[v] The hills were covered with deep green grass and vibrant green foliage of grand cedar trees, acacia, myrtle, olive trees, and fruit trees of every kind. There were cypresses, box trees, and pine trees in what were formerly deserts.[vi] The fresh aroma of vibrant flowers and fruit saturated the air. The very depths of the earth and the mountains and the former waste places had all broken forth into singing resonating a deep and gentle harmony with the song of the King which he sang over the New Jerusalem, his beloved City for the past thousand years. [vii]

The song was abruptly interrupted by the sudden shouts of battle and the thunderous movement of billions of shadowy figures of darkness rushing in to sack the City of Light, exactly 360 days since being liberated from their prison.


Stay tuned for part two!

What people are saying about the Millennium Chronicles!

Thank you so much for the Millennium Chronicles! All I can say is that it is AMAZING!! WOW! How brilliant! I have to say – I’m not one to read books, especially “fiction.” I research in books, but probably only actually read a book maybe one every five years at best! I cannot stop reading the Millennium Chronicles, you so masterfully weave the facts of the Millennium into a riveting story, everyone MUST read this! I haven’t been able to stop reading 🙂 I’ve been thrilled reading it, I’ve also been in tears the whole time; I am very rarely moved to tears, in fact, this is the first time I ever remember being brought to tears by any book. I am drawn into the book so powerfully, it really is a masterpiece and DEFINITELY makes an impact. I can’t stop thinking about it! – Jeanne, Dallas, TX

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The Sharpening – Episode 5: Doug Hamp and The Millennium Chronicles



Tonight we welcome special guest Doug Hamp to the show to teach us some new insights into various eschatological topics, such as the day of the Lord, the New Jerusalem, and most excitingly, the timing of the new heavens and new Earth in the prophetic timeline. Be prepared Twilight of Eternity Trilogy Thumbnailto have traditional paradigms shattered as Doug takes us through the Bible to support these new revelations.

Doug Hamp graduated from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with an M.A. in the Hebrew Bible and its world where he specialized in ancient languages including Biblical Hebrew and Koine Greek. He is the author of Discovering the Language of Jesus, The first Six Days, Corrupting the Image, and most recently, The Millennium Chronicles.

For more information, check out Doug’s website at www.douglashamp.com

Take care, God bless, and enjoy the show!