UFOS no longer conspiracy

Chapter 1 of Corrupting the Image 3 : UFOS no longer conspiracy

In preparation for the great Day of the Lord, Satan must not only deceive man into thinking aliens helped create us, but that they are present today. Since the United States detonated the first atomic bomb, there have been thousands of sightings around the world. Many world leaders and astronauts claimed to have seen them, which we covered in Corrupting the Image 1. In 1952, General Major Samford stated at a press conference, “I am here to discuss the so-called flying saucers …” that were seen flying over the Capitol Building in Washington DC. He confirmed that they were not our tech: “We can say that the recent sightings are in no way connected with any secret development by any department of the United States.” 13 

Captain Edgar D. Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut, even bluntly stated: “We all know that UFOs are real. All we need to ask is, ‘where do they come from.’” However, as thesun.com notes: “US intelligence services officially closed the book on the phenomena in 1969 at the conclusion of Project Blue Book, which stated there was nothing to see regarding UFOs.”14 Back then, seeing a UFO was relegated to conspiracy theorists and crackpots and could jeopardize your standing at work and in society, and lead to intense ridicule.  

However, nowadays, things have changed. Prestigious news and documentary media organizations such as the New York Times, CBS’s 60 Minutes, Fox, Netflix, National Geographic, and others are reporting on them as being real and not part of the lunatic fringe. Leslie Keene, who co-authored eye-opening articles in The New York Times about UFOSs and the US military, stated in an interview with Space.com, “I believe we may have finally arrived at the threshold of a new paradigm.”15 It is a new paradigm because people are now willing to take a serious look at the unidentified phenomena. Indeed, after roughly fifty years of denial, the government had done an about-face, admitting their existence to the New York Times.  

“The Pentagon took the unprecedented step of releasing three stunning UFO videos filmed by the US Navy. President Barack Obama … addressed the topic on CBS: He said: “What is true, and I’m actually being serious here, is that there’s footage and records of objects in the skies that we don’t know exactly what they are; we can’t explain how they moved, their trajectory …”16 

The footage has not revealed anything new about UFOs, but most importantly, it has taken the discussion from conspiracy theory to that of “a genuine national security debate in the US,” which has “made clear to everyone, something is in the skies.”17 In other words, what once was conspiracy has finally been declared real by the United States government. Now, regardless of what one thinks about the explanation, no one can deny that something non-human is in the skies.  

Probably the most impressive video is known as the Navy’s 2004 video depicting what is described as a “Tic Tac,” which shows an unidentified aerial phenomenon being pursued by Navy fighter planes. 

Figure 1. Screenshot the eerie and unexplained ‘Tic Tac’ video filmed by the US Navy and released by the Pentagon 

The leaked and confirmed authentic US Navy videos have helped us piece together very interesting clues, which the Bible predicted. In a Fox special TMZ INVESTIGATES: UFOs: THE PENTAGON PROOF, Jeremy Corbel—a filmmaker reporting on the presence of UFOs among the military—notes the very non-physical behavior of the objects they were observing:  

“What we are seeing is objects at 80,000 feet or above dropping down to sea level in less than a second and a half. No sonic boom, that stop on a dime. There are no wings, no propellors. There are no jet engines. No exhaust. How would you control the direction? How would you navigate? How is this thing propelled?” 

Later in the interview, Christopher Mellon, former assistant secretary of Defense for Intelligence likewise comments on the unexplainable physics involved:  

“The Tic Tac case is the best, clearest example of a vehicle that nobody that I have spoken with has a plausible explanation for. The ‘tic tac’ descending in a matter of seconds from essentially 80,000 feet and then to sea level and then hovering and then instantaneous accelerating to hypersonic speeds – that’s physics that we don’t understand. How does anybody survive? How does the vehicle itself survive the crushing forces that would be generated by that kind of acceleration? That is 10 – 50 times beyond the tolerance of anything we’ve ever built, in terms of being able to withstand the forces that would be subjected to that vehicle.” 

Both men indicate that the objects they are viewing do not behave according to the laws of physics. They have no signs of engines or propulsion, no exhaust, no forms of navigation. This evidence corresponds with what was reported in the 1952 sighting over Washington DC where they sped away at 7,000 miles per hour.18  

NASA administrator Bill Nelson shared in an interview “passionately about his agency’s mission to seek out life beyond Earth.” He also commented on the series of U.S. military encounters with mysterious flying objects, many of which appeared to maneuver in extraordinary ways while in restricted airspace.”19 He also noted that the pilots “saw something, and their radars locked onto it.” When asked to speculate about what it means, he remarked, “Who am I to say that planet Earth is the only location of a life form that is civilized and organized like ours?” 

At the same time as the “tic tac” video and photo were captured, the United States was carrying on the search—under a Pentagon program established to study UFOs before being disbanded in 2017—known as Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). Hence, contrary to the conclusion of Project Blue Book, which said there was nothing to see regarding UFOs, the UAP Task Force continued on with UFO research; and “Defense chiefs have since confirmed a number of leaked UFO videos and photos which were submitted to the Task Force for investigation.”20  

Trans-medium Beings from the Sea? 

Jeremy Corbel went on to explain how Navy personnel reacted to a UFO that had been hovering just above the water, and then descended into the ocean: “You hear them say splash, splash. It doesn’t mean it splashed. It means they believe it went into the water.” The narrator then comments, “It sounds crazy, but could it be an object that traverses the skies and the ocean with ease?” Corbel continues explaining how the object could go effortlessly from the air into the water with no splash: “This is a trans-medium vehicle —a vehicle that can penetrate that space between air and sea, no plumes, no heat, no exhaust. This thing is self-propelled with intelligence.” The narrator adds, “The military has confirmed —these photos are authentically UFOS.” Corbel adds how the objects, which were lit up like Christmas trees were “… swarming around the ship,” and that “they are self-luminous.”21  

Investigative reporter George Knapp also weighed in during the TMZ interview. He was asked, “Do you think that this has anything to do with an object or objects outside of our solar system?” He responded by saying that this is just one of the possibilities one must consider. He went on to suggest:  

“…That they’ve always lived on Earth. That they’ve been here longer than us. That they’re crypto-terrestrials. Maybe they live in the ocean. Maybe they live here separated from us by some thin psychic dimensional membrane that they move back and forth. There are a lot of exotic ideas that have been explored and discussed behind closed doors.” 

Knapp is simply taking the data to its logical conclusion: We are witnessing “self-luminous” beings, seemingly unbound by physical laws, which might exist behind some “thin psychic dimensional membrane,” (recall we studied in Corrupting the Image 2 —there is a veil, a membrane between our earthly-physical domain and the spiritual-heavenly domain). The UAPs unbound by physical laws is also what we saw in Corrupting the Image 1 in the testimony of Dr. John Mack from Harvard, who described how the alien beings—supposedly abducting people—are a “less embodied species than we are”22; but are working on creating a hybridization program as an insurance policy for preserving life on earth.  

What Knapp and John Mack are really concluding is that we are witnessing spiritual beings, which the Bible calls angels / messengers (whether good or bad). Given that these beings often emit their own light, or as Jeremy Corbel stated, are “self-luminous,” we might have an explanation for why the Bible sometimes calls angels “stars.”23  

  • The seven stars are the angels [angeloi ἄγγελοι] (Rev 1:20).  
  • the stars of heaven fell to the earth, as a fig tree drops its late figs (Rev 6:13).24  
  • I saw a star fallen from heaven to the earth (Rev 9:1–2). 
  • Two men stood by them in shining garments (Luke 24:4). 

Rising up out of the Sea 

That these spiritual beings reside in the ocean is also incredibly germane in light of biblical texts. In Revelation, John writes, “I stood on the sand of the sea. And I saw a beast rising up out of the sea …” (Rev 13:1).  

These craft have also been seen to shape shift25 as described in the Bible: “Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light” (2 Cor 11:14). 

Gary Heseltine, who spent six years working with the Royal Air Force police, 24 years with the British Transport Police, and now serves as vice president of the new International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research (ICER)—made up of UFO researchers and scientist from 27 countries—believes that aliens might not be coming from outer space, but from the oceans.  

“UFOs are often seen coming in and out of water, so I suspect that in our deepest oceans and trenches we may well have alien bases. That sounds crazy but if you think about it, we only know 5 per cent of ocean, we know more about the surface of the moon or Mars than our own oceans.”26 

It now seems altogether probable that John was witnessing something similar to what the pilots are seeing: crypto-terrestrials, separated from us by a psychic, dimensional membrane, coming up out of the sea, as both Corbel and Heseltine have also suggested.  

Robert Salas shared his experience along with six other Air Force officers in 2010. He witnessed ten nuclear missiles taken offline while in an underground base.  

He says, “I want the Air Force, the government to come forward and say this is a real phenomenon.”According to the write up in theSun.com

US military security reported seeing lights in the sky making off maneuvers before; five minutes later, they claimed they spotted a “pulsating oval-shaped object” hovering above the base. The launch officer claims the missiles he was monitoring then started going into the “no go” condition. And this apparent display of power by the UFOs came at the height of the Cold War when the US and Russia sat poised on the edge of Armageddon. 

Captain Salas said, “I think it was simply a show. They wanted to shine a light on our nuclear weapons and just send us a message. My interpretation is the message is ‘get rid of them’ because it’s going to mean our destruction.” 

The US Air Force has never confirmed the incident—but his account appears to match up with numerous other claims of the links between nukes and UFOs.27 

The base allegedly took a day to bring the weapons back online—and they could not find any physical damage or explanation for the sudden problem with the missiles.28 

Gary Heseltine is like many who interpret these craft / beings as entities concerned about either us or the planet, or both. He explained to the Sun Online: “There is a massive correlation between UFOs being seen near nuclear facilities; whether it’s nuclear aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines, nuclear weapon storage areas, power plants.” He concludes that when they show up, they are sending us the message “we don’t like nuclear weapons.” He speculates: “Maybe they realize we could destroy this beautiful planet.”29 Mr. Heseltine believes the UFOs/Aliens may be concerned about their habitat—the oceans—and they do not want us to destroy the world they share with us.  

Another person to make the connection between UFO sightings and nuclear weapons is Luis Elizondo, who “spent 20 years running military intelligence operations worldwide: in Afghanistan, the Middle East and Guantanamo.” He hadn’t given UFOs a second thought until 2008. That’s when he was asked to join something at the Pentagon called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, or “AATIP.”30 He reported:  

“That is one of the concerns we have from a national security perspective, that there does seem to be some sort of congruency or some sort of intersection between these UAP or UFO sightings and our nuclear technology; with nuclear propulsion, nuclear power generation, or nuclear weapons systems. Furthermore, those same observations have been seen overseas in other countries. They too have had the same incidents. So that tells us this is a global issue.” 

Mr. Elizondo claimed that, in the US, UFOs have disabled nuclear capabilities; while he has heard reports that in other nations, nuclear technology has been switched on. He characterized the technology being witnessed as “something that could be anywhere between 50 and 1,000 years ahead” of mankind’s own capabilities.31 

Without question, something is out there. The evidence thus far shows highly advanced non-human beings who have always been on planet earth, live in the oceans, are separated from us by a thin psychic, dimensional membrane, are self-luminous, and can shape-shift. Clearly our weapons are of no consequence to them, and they can turn them on or off as they desire. 

Luis Elizondo appeared on CBS’s 60 Minutes, which did a special, “UFOs regularly spotted in restricted U.S. airspace.” When asked whether he thought UFOs are real, he quipped, “The government has already stated for the record that they’re real. I’m not telling you that. The United States government is telling you that.” In other words, for those waiting for an official disclosure that UFO’s are real, Mr. Elizondo thinks it has already happened.  

In the interview, Mr. Elizondo described how advanced the UFOs are:  

“Imagine a technology that can do 6-to-700 g-forces, that can fly at 13,000 miles an hour; that can evade radar and that can fly through air and water and possibly space. And oh, by the way, has no obvious signs of propulsion, no wings, no control surfaces, and yet still can defy the natural effects of Earth’s gravity. That’s precisely what we’re seeing.”  

In the same 60 Minutes special former Navy pilot Lieutenant Ryan Graves calls whatever is out there a security risk … his F/A-18F squadron began seeing UAPs hovering over restricted airspace southeast of Virginia Beach in 2014 once they updated their jet’s radar, making it possible to zero in with infrared targeting cameras. 

Lieutenant Graves explained how pilots training off the Atlantic Coast have seen UAPs “every day for at least a couple years.” The 60 Minutes special showed training footage off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida in 2015, captured on a targeting camera by members of Graves’ squadron, which included soundbites from pilots: “Look at that thing, it’s rotating! My gosh! They’re all going against the wind, the wind’s 120 knots to the west. Look at that thing dude!”32 

An incident off Southern California in 2004 … was documented by radar, by camera, and four naval aviators. David Fravor, a graduate of the Top Gun naval flight school and commander of the F/A-18F squadron on the USS Nimitz; and flying at his wing, Lieutenant Alex Dietrich, who has never spoken publicly about the encounter.33 

They are now opening up about what they saw, and the conclusion is that what they witnessed is not from earth. Based on these many points of data, according to a 2021 US Pew Research Center survey “About three-quarters (76%) of adults under age 30 say intelligent life exists on other planets.”34 Another poll found “just under half of Americans believe UFOs exist and have visited the Earth.”35 These polls reveal that the belief in UFOs and aliens is no longer conspiracy.  

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UFOs Sightings Making the News!

Happy New Year. There is much to look forward to – the best of all is that our great King is still and forever will be enthroned on his mighty throne. None of the schemes of Satan change God’s outlook one bit. Nevertheless, the UFO appearances are on the rise and that gives us reason to pause and consider that Satan’s plans may be hastening in preparation for the beginning of the tribulation. If that is the case, then rejoice that the time of Lord’s return is also near!


Stan Deyo to Appear on According to the Scriptures Thursday May 2

Stan Deyo has held Above Top Secret Security Clearance and worked undercover for the FBI. He was part of an exclusive “black project”, headed by Dr. Edward Tellerspecializing in the development of “flying saucer technology”.

Stan’s diverse background encompasses:

  • computer programmer of mainframes in 7 languages, PC and Macintosh
  • senior systems analyst
  • research physicist (both formally and self-educated)
  • marine architect (self-educated)
  • advanced propulsion engineer for marine, air and spacecraft
  • author of three books and six scientific papers
  • partner in Deyo Enterprises LLC – our R&D, website hosting, book publishing and book distribution company for the last 35 years
  • amateur archeologist in the Middle East – explored real “Indy Jones” caves in the Qumran region of Israel
  • TV documentary television host for several shows on Tesla (Eye of the Storm)and a series of three highly-rated shows on Channel 9 in Perth: UFOs Are Here,UFOs Deyo and You and UFOs Are Back
  • university lecturer in 3D computer animation and graphic art
  • Biblical student
  • public lecturer on world events including:
  1. The coming global economic collapse
  2. Developing solar-related crises in the Earth’s climate
  3. The “UFO” deception and its real intent
  4. Suppression of badly needed technologies
  5. The coming destruction of America by civil war followed by foreign invasion
  6. High voltage physics of “cheaper” energy

Born in Clifton, Texas to a family of American Pioneers, Stan spent his first two years in nearby Valley Mills with his grandparents until his father returned from the Middle East – a US Army Air Force Base Commander in WW2. Valley Mills is just seven miles from Crawford, home to President Bush’s ranch.

Stan spent most of his youth in Dallas where (while at J. F. Kimball H.S.) he was a member of the National Honor Society, Captain of the rifle team, Lt. Colonel in the NDCC (ROTC), recipient of the Sons of the American Revolution Medal, and honored as one of the two most outstanding math students.

Graduating high school just three months after his 16th birthday, Stan was awarded a partial engineering scholarship to the University of Texas and also was given a full congressional appointment (scholarship) to the US Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs. He was the only 4th class cadet who received written permission from General Curtis E. LeMay (head of S.A.C. at the time) to drink coffee and sit at ease during meals – which was not the norm for 4th class cadets.

Upon returning to Dallas from USAFA, Stan trained in computer programming at IBM. Shortly thereafter, he formed his own “mission impossible” team solving extremely sensitive, difficult corporate computing problems.

Stan’s main love is still advanced propulsion and “free” energy research which took him to Australia in ’71 to work on these systems as part of a global project under the direction of such men as Dr. Edward Teller and Dr Andrei Sakharov.

Currently Stan is:
a) working on a Tesla-based energy system similar to that of Dr T. Henry Moray
b) several,novel air and marine propulsion projects
c) giving many radio interviews
d) writing his second paper (in a series of three) on the inertial nature of gravity with many graphic illustrations which show the ‘layered shells’ nature of moons, planets, stars, galaxies and even galactic clusters… which addresses the ‘hollow Earth’ possibility and…
e) conducting a planet-wide test with many people who are taking measurements of changes in the Earth’s magnetic and gravitational fields using a technique Stan discovered.

In 1969, Stan experienced an NDE which only strengthened his Faith, though at the time, he was not a Believer. We met with Hopi elders of the Shungopavi Village in Arizona twice by invitation to discuss prophecy.

In 1996 we visited the restricted access FNMOC at the US Navy base in Monterey to share Stan’s method of earthquake prediction (based on sea surface temperature fluctuations – something Stan formulated from the Navy’s own data but they had not seen this use for it until he showed them.) For 10 years he made earthquake forecasts using their data with an accuracy of about 70% and a lead time of 1-7 days. Sadly, in 2006 the Naval data stream was classified; so Stan had to abandon this project. However, in 2012 he was able to develop another data source which enabled him to once again start providing daily earthquake forecasts. This time his accuracy ranges from 80% to 90%

At Air Force Space Command in Colorado Springs (now headquartered in Omaha), we met with Major Green, affectionately known as “Major Meteor” by his colleagues, to discuss the probability of meteors impacting Earth. Stan has packed more into 67years than most folks do in two lifetimes!

Stan’s scientific approach is backed by extensive research. He is not motivated to make a “quick buck”, nor is he trying to sell anything other than his books that are treasured by those who have them. He feels obliged to let the public know both what he sees from a scientific perspective as well as from Biblical research.

As strange as this might sound, on occasion, Stan has what he calls dream/visions. They do not happen often, maybe one every few years and initially, they only involved him or the immediate family. Now his dream/visions are becoming more frequent and involve other folks, other countries. My first “proof” of his abilities was his dream/vision where he “saw” me as his wife, his partner in life, and exactly where I lived several months before we’d even met!

We did, in fact, meet as a result of one of Stan’s early appearances on Art Bell’s radio program Coast To Coast AM. If you knew our details and the fact that we were living 12,000 miles apart, you’d appreciate the near-impossibility of this, but it DID come true. When Stan tells me he’s “had a dream”, I hold my breath, because his dream/visions have never NOT come.

God graced him with a phenomenal mind that he uses to help folks, not to make us wealthy. Maybe it sounds like I make him out to be bigger than life, but of how many people can you say, “it’s truly a gift knowing him…” He’s kind and gentle, an idealist with a terrific sense of fun.

In 2001, Stan and I, and our 4-leggeds Seismo and Taco, came back home to Pueblo County, Colorado near the Sangre de Cristos of the Rockies and the beautiful Beulah Valley – just 25 miles from our home. Sadly on the 11th of June in 2011 we lost Taco and then Seismo followed her this year on the 26th of July 2012. They both had long and adventure-filled lives with us: flying across the world, joining Stan in international radio shows on Coast to Coast AM, chasing jack rabbits, catching mice on the farm and tracking roos…. We miss them both.

As Seismo began to fade in 2011 we found two Australian Kelpie pups to keep him company. He was not pleased at first but as the pups grew he tolerated them. Now they are our support team and we love them both but are especially fond of Jayzbo Baggins Deyo who is more loving and responsible than his mate, Isabella Margarita Deyo – whose intelligence gets her into trouble a lot.

May God bless you all,
Holly Deyo

UFOs, Aliens, Antichrist, Mark of the Beast, and Antisemitism

What do UFOs, Aliens, Antichrist, Mark of the Beast, the Disappearance of Millions of People, and Antisemitism have in common?Channellers around the world are receiving messages from alien beings that millions of people will disappear in the twinkling of an eye. Those that are left on the earth will have the opportunity to continue their evolution. The ancient Scriptures predicted this very scenario and we learn that a leader, whom the ancient texts refer to as the beast, man of perdition, antichrist, will come and will be a genetic hybrid of human and demon. He will deceive the world and will attempt to destroy the Jewish people.