The Conclusion of the Second Coming of Jesus and the Battle of Armageddon, (Part 2 of 2)

After thousands of hours of research, part one of three videos from Doug’s new Jews Shoot out fire from handsbook is here!


Think you know where the battle of Armageddon is? What happens when the heavens pass away?


The Battle of Armageddon is often portrayed as taking place in the the north of Israel between nations. In this ground-breaking new study, Douglas shows that Armageddon is not in the Armageddon is in Jerusalemtraditional site in the plains of Megiddo but in the valley of Jehoshaphat next to the Mount of Olives. He also shows how the day of the Lord is the day that Jesus comes back to The Second Coming of Jesus and the Battle of Armageddonfight on behalf of the Jewish people and how he will trample his enemies literally like grapes until the blood flows as high as the horses bridle in a surprise attack. What’s more, this battle will be a re-enactment of the Red Sea crossing but this time the destruction will come from Jesus’ fiery presence after the heavens pass away. Your view of the second coming of Jesus will never be the same!

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The Second Coming of Jesus and the Battle of Armageddon - a graphic new look