The Messianic Age: Millennium and Beyond

Calvary Chapel Bible College of Costa Mesa

Messianic Age

2 Credits

Fall 2011

Instructor: Douglas Hamp M.A. Hebrew University

Course Description

Much of our eschatology rightly deals with the events that lead up to the Second Coming of Jesus. However, little attention is given to looking at the events that happen thereafter. This class will explore from a very bible-centric perspective the Messianic Age/Millenium. We will begin by understanding the literal hermeneutic and how reading literally God’s Word reveals many exciting details of our glorious future. We will also look at the centrality of Israel, our future bodies, aspects of daily life, the decorations of the city, God’s dwelling with mankind, the role of the river of life and trees of life the length of the Millennium where will it be, who is there, what the Rabbis and Church Fathers thought, (Augustine, Justin Martyr), the size of the City, when the creation the of the New Heavens and New Earth occur (what about the first set), place of the H.S., the role of the Sun and the Moon, the role of the feast of tabernacles, and the judgments.


Course Objectives

A heavy emphasis will be placed on reading large portions of Scripture before each class. Upon completion of the course, the student will able to look at the Millennium from the entirety of Scripture. With that in mind, some of the portions of eschatology ought to come alive in a fresh way. Once we see all that God has in store for Israel and for those of us that have been grafted in, then we can live with the anticipation of what is coming.

Course Requirements

The student is required to read all of the assigned reading especially from the Bible! A list of what the student must do to pass the course.  Include required reading, any assignments, tests or papers with corresponding due dates.


There are three requirements:

  1. 1.       Textbook Reading: 20%

Every student is required to read the selected chapters from The First Six Days, Corrupting the Image, and the articles in their entirety. There will be a number of reading checks given over the course of the semester. A two paragraph summary is required for each chapter / article


  1. 2.       Weekly Bible Reading: 30%                A heavy emphasis is placed on a wide range of Scriptures dealing with the Millennium/Messianic Age. Students will give serious time to the study of the assigned verses/chapters. God’s Word alone is our guide – not the ideas of men.
  2. 3.       Research/TimeLine: 50% (Oct 12th)

Each student will prepare a timeline starting from the Second Coming to the Destruction of Satan and Beyond. The READER will serve as your proof texts for the project. The student must include all significant verse references on the timeline. Project may be done by hand on poster board, in an Office-type program (M.S. Word or Excel) or even with an online app. However, it must be very thorough.



CCBC requires 100% attendance for all classes and that you be at your seat at the hour it starts.. Attendance will be taken by your teacher at the beginning of each class. *EXCUSED ABSENCES can be made up by listening to the MP’3 audio recording of the class session missed and by turning in a typed or legibly hand written copy of your notes to the CCBC Registrar within one week of your absence. Recordings are available on MP3’(no longer on web-page) for $3.00 at the CCBC office 9am-4:00pm M-F. Credit Students can only miss and make up a total of three Excused Absences. PLEASE NOTE: If you are tardy, over 15 minutes late to your class, it will be considered an absence. All unexcused absences will lower and affect your final class letter grade by half a letter grade. (An earned letter grade of an A will become an A- etc. etc.)


Please remember, in order to change your unexcused absence into an excused absences you must contact the CCBC Registrar within one week. Excused absences include genuine emergencies such as but not limited to: death in the family, illness, traffic accident etc. etc. Unexcused absences: such as but not limited to: sleeping in, surfing, vacations etc. etc.


Course Schedule

In Class Discussion Presentation Assignments Due
1 August22nd    Literal Interpretation of Scripture Triangulation of Scripture

  1. Details matter!
    1. No more, no less
    2. It means what it says

Examine commentaries on the size of the city and Isaiah 65:17

Last Years of Time

Centrality of the Elect (Jews)

forever, even forever and ever! (Dan 7:18)

Last years of TimeWhy God Did Not Elect
2 August  29th  The Fall Feasts Prophetically Fulfilled/ Tabernacles Hamp, Last Years of TimeHamp, First Six Days, 4Hamp, Why God Did Not Elect Calvinists
3 Sept 12th  The Image of God and Need for a New Environment Understanding the Creation literally:

  • No evolution, no Gap, no entropy
  • Original Creation conditions, fall, planned restoration
  • Rocks
  • DNA

(Consider for later Discussion where was Satan c.f. Isa 14:12, Ezek 28:12,14,16)

The Language of Creation Image of God, Biophotons, Radiohalos, Corrupting: 24-91, 65-91, Hamp: The First Six Days, All
4 Sept 19th The Shaking of the Heavens and Earth, Day of the LordIn class discussion of Isaiah 24:20 fall and not get up, All seas turned to blood Rev16 READER 1, 2a-d, Corrupting 321-324
Cont. 4 Sept. 19th When God Returns 2nd Coming (The Parousia of Jesus)

  • Matthew 24
  • Hab 3
  • Isaiah 19
  • Isaiah 63
READER 3, Corrupting 255-259
5 Sept. 26th The New Heavens and Earth created at the beginning of the Millennium, New Jerusalem Discuss the normal order of events. Consider Gen 1 & 2, Rev 16:19 & 17/18, (Rev 20, 21, 22) Jerusalem as a Bride READER 4-6
6 October 3rd God Dwells forever in Mt Zion, The Mountain of the Lord, READER 7, 7a 8
7 Oct.  10th God Himself Will Be In the City, God’s Throne Will Be There, No More Tears, No More Hunger or Thirst, God Makes All Things New, Highway to the City READER 9-14
8 Oct.  17th River of Life, Trees of Life, Restoration of Bodies READER 15, 16
9 Oct.  24th Twelve Gates, Angel Measures (Size of City), Precious Stones, The Temple, READER 17-21
10 Oct.  31st God Will Illuminate the City, Gentiles Bring Gifts Into the City, Gates Always Open, Nothing Unclean Can Enter, Sin Is Present OUTSIDE the City, Nations Shall Serve God/the King READER 22-26
11 Nov. 7th Marriage Supper of the Lamb, Kingdom of Heaven

  • Place of God’s Throne
  • Garments of Salvation
READER, 27, 28
12 Nov. 14th The Judgments

  • Dan 7 Judgment
  • Joel 3:2
  • Matthew 25:41
  • Mat 16:27
  • Rom 14:10
  • I Cor 3:12, 2 Cor 5:10, Eph 6:8
  • Rev 2:23, 20:11
    • Isaiah 30:33

Isaiah 66:24

READER 29, 30, Corrupting 261-280
13 Nov.  28th Satan’s Origin, Fall, Imprisonment, and Destruction Satan’s Origin and Fall (