The Veil – Vignette

Chapter 12 of Reclaiming The Rapture : The Veil – Vignette

Ben and Kristiana saw Michael, Gabriel and all of the Angels surrounding the Garden watching tensely to see how Adonai would resolve the crisis of degeneration which had 

been triggered. 

Adonai looked tenderly at his son Adam; grief overwhelmed him because of the words he had to utter that would activate what Adam put in motion. They had lost Adonai’s breath and the glow from his light was fading quickly. Soon they would not be able to endure his presence whatsoever. “The adamáh will now degenerate and decay,” Adonai said. “In time, because you are adamáh and were taken from it, to adamáh you will return because of what you have done.” 

Immediately there was a deep rumble, like the groaning of a million voices at the point of death, which reached a climax. All at once, a burst, a pulse of radiation emitted from the atoms of every tree, from every flower, from every blade of grass, from every rock and from the very soil itself. It started in the dirt under Adam’s feet and then spread throughout the whole planet and eventually the entire cosmos. The complete composition of everything had changed. The earth and material cosmos started decaying, wearing out and finally fell. Everything began decaying and dying from the invisible world of cells and DNA to all animals, birds, and fish which Adonai had formed out of the adamáh. They shared the fate of Adam and the adamáh. Even the rocks became degenerative from the release of alpha particles leaving them slightly radioactive. Degeneration and corruption ensnared all things, permeating the entire creation. The principle of rust entered the world where only a moment before, no such oxidation was ever known; metals and every material would have remained intact forever. 

Adam sighed looking at the ground, and kneeling down, he took some dirt into his hands and stared at it for several moments. “I am made from the dust of the adamáh and to it I shall return,” he whispered finally realizing how when Adonai formed him from the adamáh, he made him the living, federal head of all created matter. He then let the dirt slip through his fingers, contemplating the relationship he had with it. “We are one and our fates are one. My fate determines the fate of everything in the material cosmos; the vitality of everything is linked and dependent on my life.” 

“Father!” Adam sobbed as he and Eve looked back with tears in their eyes at the Garden of Eden and at Adonai as it all began to disappear before their eyes like a scroll being unrolled before them; they were unaware that it was the last time in their lives they would be face to face with their father. As it unrolled, the domain of Adonai and all the Angels, those good and evil, disappeared from their vision forever; everything of that domain was completely cloaked from their sight. Like a great curtain closing in front of them, the world behind it was blocked from their sight like a one-way mirror, transparent on one side and opaque on the other; those behind it could still see through to the other side. Spatially, they were practically on top of one another, but were separated dimensionally by a wall or veil, like a membrane, barring passage between the domains. 

“Oh for the day when the Promised One comes, destroys Lucifer who beguiled us, and restores Adonai’s spirit and the glorious light that flowed from us,” Adam sighed longingly. 

“How will the Promised One,” Eve asked in tears, “have the power to restore us when the corruption now touches every fiber of our being and that of our sons?” Adonai’s promise of the one who would crush the head of Lucifer lingered in Adam’s mind because freedom from death was his heart’s desire. “I don’t know,” he answered despondently. “I don’t know. Yet maybe there is hope after all.” 

Lucifer and the rebellious Angels watched everything happening on the other side of the veil. “Let them languish in their pain!” Lucifer scoffed. “Though we have been stripped of our beauty and fire, they are now cast out from Adonai’s presence forever!” Lucifer turned around smiling deviously at the others who were intently staring at his disfiguration as well as their own. “We are free! We are free from the oppression of Adonai and free from serving the little worm he created,” he said relishing in his victory against Adonai. 

“Your ingenious plan to cause Adam to murder himself was a great success,” one of the rebel Angels, later called Watchers, praised him. 

“Now we will never be required to serve the speck of dust that he is,” Lucifer answered. “There is no hope for Adam or any sons that come after him for none will by any means be able to repurchase a brother, nor give to Adonai a ransom for that brother, for the redemption of their souls is costly. None will continue to live eternally, and not see the Abyss,” he exclaimed. “I was also right in my assessment that causing Adam to defy the directive of Adonai would force Adonai into a self-imposed exile lest his consuming fire, which is like a stream of brimstone, destroy the earth and everything on it. I calculated that Adonai, in all of his compassion, would sooner divorce himself from the earth rather than utterly destroy everything by his fiery-lightning presence. I have successfully separated the abode of Adonai from the abode of Adam. The earth is ours forever!” 

“That is not true, the earth and all its fullness will forever be Adonai’s!” The same Watcher countered. “How can you suggest that it is ours?” 

“The answer is simple, brother,” Lucifer said haughtily. “Because Adonai cannot touch the earth and because Adam, the true benefactor, has forfeited his right of dominion over the earth, I have become the de-facto ruler of this world. You are correct, however, that it shall always ‘technically’ be Adonai’s but he will never be able to possess it, nor can Adam ever regain his dominion over it. We have adversely taken possession of the earth which was created by Adonai and benefited to Adam. I rightly deduced that once death entered into Adam, then he and his descendants would necessarily forfeit their possession and Adonai could not have it either because his glory would destroy it, which he clearly would never allow. It is just too much for any degenerative mortal to endure. It will be ours forever because Adam cannot undo death, no matter what, and so there will never be any one of his sons authorized, acceptable or legitimate who can undo Adam’s action. Hence I will remain the ruler of the world indefinitely and you all shall possess part of it.” 

“Yet for all that, we are left disfigured and barren,” one of the rebel Watchers snarled viciously motioning to his body. “I am here because I share your conviction that we should not be subservient to Dusty, yet now we are left desolate. You apparently did not foresee that Adonai could remove his fire from all of us. Even now I feel the drain of power in myself,” he said feeling the need to consume something for the very first time. “What have we gained if we are never satiated?” he continued. “The removal of Adonai’s fire and power has left us disconnected from the source of life, leaving me craving a life-essence that I can devour!” the Watcher bellowed greedily with a look in his eyes like a hungry lion. “Adam is still able to derive energy and food from the earth and though he is dying, when he is hungry he simply needs to take of the produce of the adamáh. Even in its state of degeneration the adamáh will still produce enough to nourish him until his death because he was taken from it. Even the animals might be eaten since they too were derived from it, too. What can I consume to placate the ravenous void inside me?” 

“You are correct that unlike Adam,” Lucifer stated, “we cannot gain any energy from the adamáh, for our bodies are trans- dimensional and hence will never fail like Adam’s, yet we still need an input of energy. Adonai has already instituted what we need: the creature which Adonai caused to come up out of the adamáh, whose blood, life-force was given in exchange for Adam, Eve and their progeny to be in close proximity to him, cannot actually reverse the effect of the treason committed. The Covering is nothing more than a force field, a shield of energy which covers a person or object from the fiery-lightning of Adonai. Because it will last only one year and will have to be continually repeated, we can take our nourishment from the life-force of any creature, including the sons of Dusty himself.” He smiled slyly. “The life-force is of a trans-dimensional nature and does nothing for the terrestrial bodies of Adam and Eve but will sustain us quite nicely,” he said smugly. 

“And how do you propose that we obtain blood since we are on this side of the veil?” yet another Angel inquired, sensing the futility of Lucifer’s suggestion. “Have you not seen that an impassable barrier has been placed between the domain of Adam and the domain we exist in? Do you think that we can just pass over it without any retaliation from Adonai?” 

“Here is what we will do,” Lucifer responded coolly to the rebel Angel which had snickered. 

“Though we despise the Adamites, they will willingly offer up blood of another creature in our honor and then we will receive nourishment from the life-force in the blood. However, because Adonai created Adam in his image, they are therefore of greater value than animals, and hence they will be more delectable treats. Let me explain how we will now rule the earth and be energized at the same time. Adam and Eve had a limited understanding of the City of Adonai, which is now cloaked behind the veil,” Lucifer said. “You must realize the incredible power our knowledge of those things ‘above’ give us over the Adamites living ‘below’ on the other side of the veil. Our secrets of the world behind the veil will make us into gods! We shall use it to exploit the Adamites who will have a deep yet unconscious yearning to return to the Mountain-City of Adonai. We will exploit this longing for restoration to entice them to commit even greater acts of evil than their father Adam has committed.” 

“We will distract them with empty promises,” one of the rebel Watchers interjected, “so that rather than seeking to commune with Adonai by way of the Covering, the rebellion against Adonai will only increase and will become so bad that even calling on his name will be profaned. Instead of calling on his name as a blessing, it will become a curse and Adonai will further distance himself from men until he is grieved that he even created them.” 

“And as their memory fades with each passing day,” Lucifer continued, “the sons of Dirt will be more easily convinced that we are in fact ‘gods’ and they must earn our favor by giving blood, the life-force of another,” he said excitedly, and then transformed himself once again into a glorious Angel. “We shall convince them to practice every sort of abomination that Adonai hates.” 

“Since we are hidden behind the veil,” another Watcher said, “consulting our knowledge will be known as divination because they will believe we are divine and our powers will be considered sorcery. Through war and murder and horrors   of   great magnitude committed by the Adamites in our honor we shall be completely satisfied.” 

“Finally, brothers,” Lucifer said, regaining control of the disclosure of the big idea, “there is one more delight that we shall partake of; you shall be satiated when we convince the Adamites to do something utterly repugnant, something which Adonai never commanded nor did it even come into his mind! We shall seduce them to offer up their sons and daughters in fire; and we shall do so until they are slaughtering their children to us under every spreading tree, in the ravines, and under the clefts of the rocks. When this occurs, then your hunger shall be abated and you shall be satisfied in the most delectable way.” 

“What about the Promised One who Adonai said would crush your head and ours too?” another Watcher questioned anxiously. “How do you propose to overcome that?” 

“When the time is right,” Lucifer responded, “then some of you will mingle yourselves with the seed of Adam and corrupt the ways of all flesh on the earth. When Adam was created there was no death, decay or degeneration whatsoever in him. When they have offspring, then the degeneration, the record of the event of the Fall, will be passed virtually identically from Adam to all of his sons perpetual transmission of death, inherent in the seed, from generation to generation. Hence, when our seed is mingled with theirs, then our seed will be passed from generation to generation. Then the Promised One will be one of us and if he is one of us then he cannot be the one to restore Adam.” 

The rebels cheered in shrill voices at the even more insidious intentions of their leader.