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Millennium Chronicles

Road to the Final Rebellion

  A future-historical novel of Lucifer’s Final Assault against the New Jerusalem

Lucifer and his minions have regained their freedom after Yeshua’s thousand-year reign and are enticing the Adamites to rebel. Earth dwellers Ben and Kristiana are forced to decide—will they remain loyal to Yeshua and His kingdom or will they believe Lucifer and side with him? Too young to remember the horrific battles of the former age, their quest for information becomes a virtual journey through the Chronicles of the Court,  where they learn the truth about the apex of Lucifer’s former reign, known as the “time of trouble.”  In a race against time before their protective shield is removed and their fate is sealed by default, they urgently seek in the Chronicles the Key they need to enter the New Jerusalem and gain immortality.


“Fantasy and Sci-fi are continually the most popular genres in movies and literature.  Yet, what a tragedy that so manyJesus's Split's the Mount of Olives of this generation both inside and outside the church are missing the greatest adventure ever told.  In the Millennium Chronicles, Doug Hamp shows his readers just how utterly amazing the future world will be according to the prophecies of the Bible.  Whatever the reader believes about bible prophecy; reading The Millennium Chronicles is a great way to engage the hunger of imagination with the realities of the future.”

–          John Di Bartolo, Founder of Middle-earth Network

The Millennium Chronicles is a page turner based solidly on the Word of God!”

–          John Sutherland, Sr. Pastor Calvary Chapel Elko, NV

“Science fiction meets Bible fact! In The Millennium Chronicles, Doug Hamp takes future events revealed in the Bible and makes them come to life. This epic journey is a must read for both Christians, and fans of Science fiction!”

–           Gonz Shimura, Producer of Age of Deceit, Canary Cry Radio

“In The Millennium Chronicles, author Doug Hamp has managed to weave into one engaging novel, all the major elements of what the Bible speaks of as ‘The Day of the Lord’. A powerful work, reminiscent of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien”

–          Gary Cowan, Senior Pastor, Calvary Chapel East Albuquerque

“This is the most fascinating read that I have ever experienced. It is absolutely brilliant how God inspired Doug to write such a remarkable story through use of so much Scripture. Wow, I learned so, so much! This is a work that all believers must read! The three DVDs are helpful in understanding even more of the book.”

–          Phil Richardson, Founder, Telios Education Solutions

“The Millennium Chronicles is a ‘novel’ approach to the unfolding of future Biblical events, excellently documented from Scripture.  Quite a thought provoking read!”

–          Linda Langley, Founder of Transformations Unlimited

“You can expect The Millennium Chronicles and each book by Douglas Hamp to be a life changing event for you and those you introduce to his books.  His scholarship and aptitude for languages and his dedication to serve God have made Doug Hamp a key Christian author.   You will enjoy this book! Join our prayers for this book to become a movie.  The world needs to know the truth about events that will soon begin to take place on Earth and in Heaven. –          Don Secrist, Founder of Bible Easy Learn   Even more praise for the Millennium Chronicles


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