Tree of Life – New Body Transformation Vignette 

Chapter 14 of Reclaiming The Rapture : Tree of Life – New Body Transformation Vignette 

In this vignette Ben and Kristiana, part of the remnant of Israel, come to understand the true meaning of the Tree of Life from the time of Adam through to the moment they stood before it. 

To enter the city,” Yeshua said, “you still need to be transformed from your bodies of flesh and blood to bodies like the Angels, glorious and not comprised of 

dust; yours must be conformed to my own glorious body and become partakers of my divine nature, free of corruption. You must be born again by taking of the Tree of Life and be transformed like Antipas and all of your clan that came before them.” Pointing to the Tree of Life, which lined the river, each individual tree connected at the roots, he said with a big smile, “Now, both of you, stretch out your hands and take and eat leaves from the Tree of Life which are for your healing, and live forever!” 

Kristiana’s heart leapt with joy as she stretched out her hand and plucked off a leaf from the same Tree of Life which had been in Eden with Adam and Eve! 

Ben stared intently at the leaf; his thoughts drifted back to the original Tree and amazingly it was as if he and Kristiana were holding the AEFOD again, back in the Chronicles: “Adam, where are you?” He felt the weight of Adonai’s sadness on that day so long ago when he looked longingly for the last time at his dear children, from whom he was obligated to remove himself, and from the earth lest his splendor and radiance destroy it. Ben understood: his desire had been to walk with Adam and his sons as an expression of love. He wanted to make his home with them and share his heart; he wanted them to be where he was because he had always desired to live and walk among them, to be their King and Father, and they his people. He thought of how Adonai was forced to abandon the earth, putting up a veil of separation lest his own glory, like a stream of brimstone, destroy that which he had created. Because of Adonai’s great mercy and love for his creation he had to go into a self-imposed exile rather than let everything become a lake of fire. 

All of a sudden, they both saw and felt Michael and Gabriel standing next to the Tree of Life, surrounded by the four cherubim, which appeared like blazing torches. They passed from one to another the fiery whirling sword with such speed that it looked like lightning and became an impenetrable wall of fiery-lightning. 

“Lucifer’s strategy worked, despite his humiliation,” Michael said in shock. “Death is now permanent and irreversible according to Lucifer’s scheme. Will Adonai ever be able to undo it? I can only wonder what hope there is for Adam and Eve and their race now that the way to the Tree of Life is blocked. So long as Adam and his sons are separated through degeneration, Adonai can never reassert his presence on the earth because of his unequaled power, fire, and lightning.” 

Kristiana looked again at the leaf in her hand. It was so powerful it could transform a person from a constitution of dirt, adamáh, to one of spirit – like an Angel. The transformation could not be undone, however, and whatever state a person was in when they partook of the fruit, such would be their permanent state forever and ever. It was for that reason that Adonai had placed the cherubim around the tree to guard it at all costs. Therefore, the mortals could not eat from the Tree of Life until they had washed their garments, had bathed in the water of life, and had drunk from it. Once they had washed their robes, however, they had the right to the Tree of Life, and could enter through the gates into the City of Adonai because they possessed a body made of spirit, like the Angels. 

For the first time, Ben understood why Adonai so quickly guarded Adam and Eve from eating from the tree. Had Adam taken of its fruit, he would have forever been in a state of death. Ben understood that adding the state of life from the Tree of Life to the state of death incurred by eating of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, would have equaled an infinite state of incompatibility, like opposite forces. Had Adam eaten from the tree, he would have been transformed into the likeness of an Angel, though rebellious and accursed like Lucifer and the rebellious Angels. 

He would have lingered in the gloom of shades and shadows, constantly in death, yearning to be free of its grip, yet with no hope of remedy from his dire existence. 

Ben looked back at the river of life clearly understanding the predicament which Lucifer had created and which Yeshua had overcome through his sacrifice and his restoration of hope to the hopeless. Only now was there a way for an Adamite to transition from dirt body to sprit body, allowing entrance into the presence of Adonai. First, by bathing and drinking of the water of life which only Adonai could provide for the cleansing and healing of their bodies. And, then by eating of the Tree of Life completing the transformation and making them compatible with life in Adonai’s kingdom. 

Ben and Kristiana ate the leaves; in a mere moment they felt their entire composition change from the inside out. Every cell in their bodies, which was made of carbon, was transformed. The adamáh, planet, soil, dirt, which was their base composition was transformed into spirit, immortal, and resplendent bodies. They both looked at each other and then at their own new glorious body which death would never inhabit, which no weakness would ever plague. They were radiating light – the light coming from Adonai. They were new creations; no longer comprised of the adamáh but of the immaterial, created directly by Adonai. Their bodies at last conformed to his because they would always be in the light of his presence with no veil between them anymore. They at last had their wedding garment – their garment of Yeshuáh

Ben looked over at Kristiana, whose body looked like a dazzling gem and who had rays of light emanating from her face, creating a glorious crown of life, sparkling like crystal with the color of emeralds shining brightly, with topazes, gems, and yellow pearls. Her feet and arms were shining like gleaming metal and her clothing was shining whiter than any snow; a shine like that of the stars of heaven, sparkling like the rays of the sun. Truly, she had been conformed to the image of the glorious body of Adonai and had become a partaker of the divine nature; she would never die and was truly a daughter of Adonai. 

Ben sensed the same thing in his own body. The newness of his body stunned him so much that he grabbed one hand with the other to see how his new hands felt. The sensation of touch was just as real. 

His body was tangible and “physical” but no longer made of dust. It was an altogether new mode of existence. But there was more, he seemed to have this special connection to all around him. Not only could he see Kristiana’s beautiful new body but he could actually look into her heart. He knew her as she also knew him to the very depths of their souls. They each knew the history of the other. Instantly, Ben understood that this is the way it would be with all in Yeshua’s kingdom, knowing and being known by all.