Want More Joy? Sponsor a Child Through Compassion International

When each of our children was born, my wife and I decided to sponsor a child born on the same day through Compassion International. Two years ago, we decided that rather than giving each other Christmas gifts (which we rarely need), we could receive more joy by buying gifts for the family of our sponsored child. When we got the catalog from Compassion, we discovered what a blast it was trying to decide whether we should buy them a chicken, a goat, a clean drinking water, school supplies, etc. – it was like shopping for each other but a whole lot better! The best part was that we knew this gift would bring lasting joy and blessing to the people we were giving it to. It was also nice that it was as easy as pointing and clicking on the Compassion International website. If you want to give a gift of the greatest value, check out Compassion International and sponsor a child.

Gift Catalog FY15 – How it Works – Short from Compassion International


Click here to learn how to sponsor a child this Christmas!