Yom Kippur – Reflections on our Relationship with Yesua

As we prepare for Yom Kippur – reflect on how Yeshua’s sacrifice, offered at Passover, was/is efficacious for all time. His one sacrifice satisfied the requirements for all sacrifices. His blood is mighty and it was able to fulfill all of the sacrificial needs. When Jesus died, the Old-Sinaiatic covenant died with him. That old covenant was a marriage contract between God and Israel – however, Israel cheated on her husband for centuries which finally resulted in the divorce of the ten tribes. The only way for Yeshua to bring them back into fellowship and marriage covenant with him was to cancel the first contract which he did through his death on the cross. We do not seek to go back to that old covenant but we fully embrace the new covenant purchased with his blood.

During this Yom Kippur season, consider how our disobedience had to be paid for – Yeshua had to die in order to purify us so that we might be one with him again. Having done that for us, let’s sanctify ourselves – that is, set ourselves apart for him and him alone. Let’s stop flirting with disobedience and sin; let’s pursue righteousness.

We are told to be holy for God is holy. Holy doesn’t mean perfect, it means “set apart”. If you are married, consider your relationship for a moment; chances are your marriage is not perfect – do you leave your socks and dirty underwear around once in a while? Does your spouse occasionally have a fender-bender or burn dinner? These are all part of a relationship. However, the one thing that will break a relationship is cheating.

Why cheating? Because when we took our vows, we promised to be exclusive – that is to be set apart (holy) for our spouse and for him/her alone. This is what God desires from us; he knows that we will fail occasionally. We may knowingly or unknowingly tell a lie, dishonor people, etc. However, we are to be holy-set apart for him and not have other “husbands” that is, other gods in our lives. We are to be exclusively his. If you have not been pursuing God and living only for him, this is the season to repent. He will welcome you back if you acknowledge your lawlessness and ask for his mercy.